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    70 Best First Date Ideas You Must Try

    by Ellie

    You must be nervous and excited on the first date when you fall in love with someone. Both of you hope to leave a good impression on each other, so what to do on the first date requires careful consideration. You’ve come to the right place if you are also looking for good ideas for a first date. This article will introduce the top 70 ideas you must try.

    70 Best First Date Ideas

    1. At-Home first date ideas

    cooking together on the first date

    If you don’t feel like going out for a first date and would rather stay in and do something quiet and romantic at home, you can try the following 16 activities:

    • Cooking together
    • Shooting a fun vlog together
    • Cuddling on the couch watching a romantic movie or comedy show
    • Playing video games together
    • Doing a jigsaw puzzle together
    • Flower arranging together
    • View childhood photo albums and reminisce about funny memories
    • Creating an album together that belongs to both of you
    • Writing a letter for each other and reading it out loud
    • Decorating the room together
    • Playing a role-swap game
    • Playing card or board games
    • Mixing and enjoying cocktails together
    • Soaking feet and applying facial masks together
    • Playing a game to test your mutual understanding
    • Sing Karaoke at home

    2. Exciting outdoor activities

    go hiking

    Exciting sports can stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body, fostering subtle feelings of love between you both. If both of you enjoy exciting outdoor activities, then you can try the following 14 ideas:

    • Escape rooms
    • Laser tag
    • Visit an amusement park
    • Play arcade games
    • Rafting
    • Extreme activities like bungee jumping
    • Visit a water park
    • Go glamping
    • Go skydiving
    • Go-karting
    • Hiking outdoors
    • Run a race
    • Go to the gym to work out
    • Climb mountains and enjoy the scenery

    3. Other sports ideas

    do yoga together

    Besides extreme activities, you can also try the following 15 sports on your first date:

    • Swimming
    • Boating
    • Horseback Riding
    • Skiing
    • Ice skating
    • Camping
    • Trampoline
    • Rock climbing
    • Visit an archery range
    • Participate in a marathon together
    • Play favorite ball sports together
    • Cycling
    • Do yoga together
    • Play billiards
    • Diving

    4. Focus on experience on the first date

    go on a picnic

    If you prefer activities that offer experiences over sports and want to leave a better impression on each other, then you can try the following 15 great first-date ideas:

    • Attend a baking class
    • Attend a pottery class
    • DIY Jewelry
    • Handmade crafts
    • DIY aromatherapy
    • Go to a painting studio
    • Pick fruits at a farm
    • Go fishing
    • Help the girl do nail painting
    • Get a couple’s tattoos
    • Visit a pet shop
    • Volunteer together
    • Visit a VR experience center
    • Go to the zoo
    • Go to the aquarium

    5. Arts and culture

    watch a play together on the first date

    Attending artistic and cultural exhibitions is also a good idea for a first date. Remember to choose activities that both of you are interested in, and avoid making one person feel bored during the date. The following 10 ideas can serve as references for you to consider and select from.

    • Visit an art gallery to see an exhibition
    • Go to a museum
    • Visit a library
    • Attend interesting lectures
    • Take a couple’s photoshoot
    • Read and chat at a coffee bookshop
    • Attend a concert
    • Listen to a live music performance
    • Watch a play
    • Visit a wax museum

    Things You Should Pay Attention to on the First Date

    Each date is an excellent opportunity to increase mutual affection and intimacy. Among all dates, the first date is especially important; a good start is half the success. However, many people can also mess up a date. So, what should you pay attention to on a first date?

    1. Respect her or him

    This includes respecting her/his habits, hobbies, and religious beliefs, and never harming them in any way. Additionally, be mindful of topics involving personal privacy and give the other person space. Do not force them to answer questions they are unwilling to talk about.

    2. Show your confidence

    Since it’s the first date, you should believe that you both will enjoy a very pleasant date and that you will leave a very good impression on the other person. Regardless of your appearance, body shape, or date outfits, confidence is the biggest attractiveness.

    3. Dress yourself

    It’s important to stay clean and tidy, avoiding a sloppy appearance. First impressions are extremely important. If the first impression is bad, it will be difficult to improve later on. Men should dress neatly and shave; women can appropriately dress up and wear a nice outfit. These actions show that you value the first date and respect her/him.

    4. Prepare a small gift

    For the first date, you can prepare a small gift as a little surprise. It doesn’t have to be expensive—a book or a rose are good options. This can leave a very good impression on the other person. Additionally, this small gift could become a very meaningful keepsake for both of you in the future.

    5. Pay attention to the details

    Details can make a lasting impression, whether it’s a first date or in everyday interactions. Especially for men, it’s important to show enough gentlemanly behavior, such as opening the car door for the woman when getting out, or pulling out her chair at a restaurant. These actions will make her feel that you are very considerate and a good man. One more thing, never be late for the first date.