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    Big Beautiful Women, Plus Size Celebrities’ Love Stories: Gabourey Sidibe

    by Becky

    Gabourey Sidibe first made headlines in 2009, when she starred in the movie Precious. But, that was just the beginning of her rise to fame. Since then, she has starred in two different seasons of the popular FX series, American Horror Story. And now, she has claimed a role in the main cast of Fox’s hit show Empire, where she plays Becky Williams. But, when not acting and fending off haters, Sidibe is also scanning the dating scene.

    Gabourey Sidibe and boyfriend
    image source: dailymail.co.uk

    This past November Sidibe made headlines after an episode of Empire aired, portraying a steamy rooftop sex scene between her character Becky Williams and Williams’ boyfriend. After the scene aired, there were many cruel comments and memes mocking Sidibe with comments such as “Damn, some of you people can’t even get a text back!” But, Sidibe refused to let those comments get to her and even hit back in an interview with EW talking about how sexy and beautiful the scene had made her feel. On a blog post where she said much of the same thing, she also made the passing remark that she hardly had any time to even look at Twitter, with how busy acting kept her.

    Months before the episode aired, however, she had been seen spending time with one lucky gentleman. The 31-year-old actress was spotted out-and-about in LA with the mystery man, seeming very comfortable together. While it was unclear how serious they two were, people were immediately speculating a possible relationship. Nothing was ever confirmed by Sidibe, however, and no more pictures surfaced after the outing.

    This is certainly not the first time Sidibe was seen out and about with a man. Since gaining fame, she has been spotted out-and-about and dated a couple of other guys. At one point, she admitted one of her exes turned out to be gay, not that it ended up bothering her too much. But, for the time being, she seems much more focused on furthering her career than finding love. Though, she is likely to open to the possibility of love should the right guy step into the picture, of course.

    Besides her role in Empire, Gabourey Sidibe took a role in the Hulu original series Difficult People during 2015. This year, she has also played a character named Queenie in the newest season of American Horror Story: Hotel. When it comes to film, Sidibe’s next role is in Grimsby, a British-American spy action and comedy movie.

    While Gabourey Sidibe may still be a single woman right now, she is still a great example of a BBW who refuses to let the negative, cruel words of other people get her down and keep her from looking for love. Without a doubt, whatever guy she ends up with is going to be incredibly lucky. Watch out for news on her dating life- and her up and coming roles in television and movies to watch as she continues proving that size is jut a number.

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