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    Top 10 Hottest Black Instagram Models in 2023

    by Ellie

    Black Instagram models rise to promote diverse beauty and encourage blacks to chase their model dreams. So how many black models do you know?

    Then in this article, you will find more:

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    Top 10 Black Instagram Models in 2023

    3 Hottest Black Male Instagram Models

    #1. Broderick Hunter

    black instagram model

    Broderick Hunter started his career in 2011. He has then been featured on the covers, of Cosmopolitan, Vogue Paris, and Italian GQ,

    Additionally, Hunter is also an actor. In 2017, he appeared in a comedy-drama series Insecure. In 2018, he starred in Marlon and Rel.

    #2. Nathan Owens

    black model nathan owens
    Photo Source: @nathanowens_

    Nathan Owens began his career with modeling. He has appeared in several issues of GQ. He was the second African-American who was featured on Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony.

    Owens began his acting by appearing in Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Esmee Denter’s music videos. Additionally, he served as a host of NBC’s “First Look LA.”

    He played the role of “Dr Cameron Davis” on “Days of Our Lives” in 2012. Then, he became a real actor.

    #3. Sacha M’Baye

    hot black model sachambaye
    Photo Source: @sachambaye_

    Sacha M’Baye’s passion for modeling drove him to be a successful black model. With his passion, he modeled for Several Luxury Brands.

    Sacha’s dashing styles and debonair personality are worth noticing.

    3 Beautiful Black Female Instagram Models

    #1. Aliya Will

    aliya will
    Photo Source: @aliya.will

    Aliya Will is a well-known Instagram Star, and she has garnered 151 K followers.

    She cosplayed many roles in Baldursgate 3, Final Fantasy VII, and Fallout 4.

    #2. Anok Yai

    black model anokyai
    Photo Source: @anokyai

    Anok is the first South Sudanese model and the second black model on a Prada show.

    She has made several appearances, including American Vogue three times. Her distinction makes her ranking on the Models.com list of “New Supers”.

    #3. Ugbad Abdi

    ugbad abdi
    Photo Source: @iamugbad

    Ugbad Abdi is the first black model to walk Fendi and Lanvin shows while wearing hijab.

    Ugbad walked shows for many fashion brands like Valentino Haute Couture, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, MiuMiu…

    She’s so glamorous that been called “one of Fall 2019’s breakout models”.

    4 Plus Size Black Instagram Models

    #1. David Fadd

    plus size model david
    Photo Source: @david_fadd

    David is a plus-size model and fashion influencer. His unique style gathers many followers.

    His fashion lifestyle encourages plus-size people to be body-positive, self-love and self-confident.

    #2. Raul Samuel

    balck fashion model raul samuel
    Photo Source: @raulsamuel_official

    Raul Samuel started modeling for the Boohoo Man plus-size range.

    As a plus-size model, Raul keeps paving the way for body-positive movement. His intelligence inspires curvy people’s modeling dreams.

    #3. Naomi Native

    naomi native
    Photo Source: @naomi.native

    Naomi Native is a plus-size fashion influencer and model. 

    She has 36.1K Instagram followers and 107.9K TikTok followers, so her passion for body positivity, and self-love encourages curvy girls deeply.

    #4. Samyra

    plus size model
    photo Source: @samyracambrielle

    Harvard girl Samyra is a fashion influencer and plus-size model.

    She shares plus-size people a plane trip: asking for a belt extender. Some mocking words hit her up but she still shows her bravery and confidence.

    Why We Support Black Instagram Models?

    • Changing Beauty Standards

    Black models’ authenticity has resonated with millions, and prompting a global re-evaluation of what it means to be beautiful.

    So by presenting themselves as strong, independent, and confident individuals, black models challenge conventional beauty norms.

    • Setting New Fashion Trends

    From fashion weeks to street photo shoots, Black Instagram models are always at the forefront of setting new trends.

    Their styles not only blend cultural influences but also create a vibrant tapestry of fashion that boosts diversity.

    • Promoting Self-Confidence

    Body positivity is more than a movement, it’s a transformative ideology.

    So when black Instagram models promote self-love and acceptance, they encourage others in the same situation to be proud of themselves.


    In a world that is learning to appreciate the value of diversity, Black Instagram models have emerged as icons of change.

    So in my view, black models’ influence extends far beyond aesthetics, it’s a movement that celebrates individuality and empowers self-expression.

    So besides appreciating black models’ achievements, it’s more important to spread the spiritual power to every black dream-chaser!


    Who is the famous black female model on Instagram?

    One of the most famous Black female models on Instagram is Naomi Campbell.

    With 15.6M followers, Naomi is certainly ranked 1 among all famous black models.

    famous black female model
    Photo Source: @naomi

    Naomi was noticed for her beauty and graced the Elle magazine cover just before her 16th birthday.

    Then, her career exploded and she is still thought of as one of the biggest and most successful black supermodels.

    Are there black fitness Instagram models?

    Absolutely YES!

    There are many black fitness influencers on Instagram. Such as Morgan Dawson:

    black fitness morgan dawson
    Photo Source: @morgandawson__

    And men like Ridge Davis:

    black fitness influencer ridge davis
    Photo Source: @ridgedavis

    Who is the highest-paid Black female model?

    Tyra Banks is the highest-paid Black female model.

    highest-paid black female model
    Photo Source: @tyrabanks

    Tyra was a Victoria’s Secret Angel and was one of the world’s top-earning models.

    Then she created the popular TV show America’s Next Top Model and a model-orientated theme park in Santa Monica.

    With so many successful businesses, Tyra’s peak revenue reached $11.0M in 2022!

    Who is the best Black Plus-size Model?

    I’d say Precious Lee is the top one.

    best black plus size model
    Photo Source: @preciousleexoxo

    Cause Lee is the first black plus-size model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and she always boosts body-positive ideas to the world.

    If you want to learn more info about Lee and other famous black female plus-size models, you can read this article:

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