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    12 Top Black Plus Size Models You Should Know In 2023

    by Ellie

    Obviously, it is difficult to be a plus-size model in the fashion industry. And for curvy girls, it will be extremely hard to be black plus size models.

    Worse to say, even plus-size women love the fashion industry, but the reality barrier will smash their dream. But some black girls are brave enough, they break the barrier and become successful black plus size models. They changed the situation and encourage many girls who wanna be models.

    Here, let’s look 12 of black plus size models and show our supports to them.

    12 top black plus size models

    1. Precious Lee

    black plus size model-precious lee

    When it says black plus size models, people will always think of Precious Lee naturally. Particularly, Lee had planned to be a lawyer, but she suddenly realized that she might welcome broader fans if she was a plus size model.

    More importantly, Lee is the first black plus size model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, this is another wining in Precious Lee model ten-year fashion show. Although female black plus size models are gradually rising, you have to subscribe to the Precious Lee model on your Instagram.

    2. Philomena Kwao

    plus size model philomena

    Born in London, Philomena Kwao is another famous black plus size model. Philomena has modeled for international brands. Simultaneously, she was also praised: Philomena Kwao has been different from a curvy black model because she called for a boycott of racial discrimination.

    She started her international model career in 2013. Then, she signed with Ford Models after successfully she graduated in 2013.

    3. Tash Ncube

    plus size model tash ncube

    Tash Ncube is a black plus size model and law student in New York who already has had an exciting career during her studies. Meanwhile, she walked at NYFW and appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model, eventually, she become a famous plus size model.

    She started her international model career in 2013. Then, she signed with Ford Models after successfully she graduated in 2013.

    4. Roseline Lawrence

    model roseline lawrence

    Roseline Lawrence is another black plus size model. Importantly, she made a deep impression on people because of her warm and smiling photos. She has consistently advocated for justice for Black people, so more curvy black women are encouraged to break the prejudice against their color and bravely show their beauty.

    5. Brielle Anyea

    body positive activist brielle

    Brielle is an International Plus Size Black Model and Body Positive Activist focusing on ending colorism in fashion. Furthermore, She said she wanted to encourage curvy women to feel their best.

    6. Enam Asiama

    curvy model enam asiama

    Enam Asiama is another great plus size model. Particularly, her smile is very charming. Besides, Enam Asiama described herself as a “fat queer Black woman”, and she doesn’t just advocate plus size women of color, but encourages them to control their narratives. As a result, this plus size model’s message is being shared far and wide.

    7. Candice Sabiduria Walton

    walton african american model

    Candice Sabiduria Walton is another inspiring African American black plus size model. Walton focused on school after her first industry experience, but then she wanted to try models on her own, so she started pursuing it seriously when she was a teenager.

    8. Jore Marshall

    jore marshall model

    Furthermore, it might be unbelievable for black plus size models to become top of the fashion industry in the past decades. However, African American black plus size models are now changing the face of the fashion industry. For example, as one of the curvy black models, Jore Marshall shows people the beauty of black plus size women. Meanwhile, she is also an outstanding dancer.

    9. Akesha Murray

    akesha murray black model

    Akesha Murray started modeling in 2019, so Akesha Murray now is a great black plus size model. In an interview, she said that “My first modeling career started with Model Mayhem, which is the simplest website on earth.”

    10. Akon Adichol

    curvy black model akon adichol

    Akon Adichol is a confident and brave curvy black model so she usually introduces herself as a fashion model and an outgoing woman, and she rarely feels sorry about herself. Moreover, Adichol was once modeled for the Italian Vogue cover, and she is a successful model.

    11. Samantha Lebbie

    curvy woman model lebbie

    Samantha Lebbie is one of the most beautiful African American plus size models. According to Lebbie, confidence is everything for successful plus size African models, and one reason for Lebbie’s success in the model fashion industry is that she helps other black plus size women and gives them the confidence to accept their color as well as their curves.

    12. Jamil Kali

    jamil kali bbw model

    Jamil Kali is a female black plus size model. Jamil Kali has modeled for amazing labels and magazines, such as Baby Phat, and House of Dereon. She was once interviewed as plus size African model and said: Plus modeling is helping to redefine the one standard of beauty. Likewise, curves are not new but were overlooked for a while.


    In short, racism has always existed and still exists in all areas of life. Whether it is because of race, culture, skin color, or body type, African women have been struggling with these beauty standards.

    Whereas, with the rising number of black plus-size models, the world gradually understands what true beauty is. Indeed, it is not the full lips, but the heart and values. Therefore, follow these beautiful black big girl models, and let’s be confident and beautiful curvy black women.