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    Embrace Your Body

    by Ellie

    Body acceptance is something that everyone struggles with at some point in their life. For a long time, this problem was mostly ignored. But now, Taryn Brumfitt is looking to change that. Brumfitt has founded the Body Image Movement, which revolves around encouraging people to love their body at every stage in life.

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    In a video for the movement, Brumfitt asks 100 people— from very young to very old—to describe how their body in one word. The children who responded all gave varying positive responses; they thought of their body as fast, powerful, lovable, and unique, just to name a few. Teenagers described their bodies with more negative words; they described their body as “just ok,” pudgy, and neglected. Older women followed that same trend; they described their bodies as being flabby, yuck, embarrassed, and ugly. But then it takes a turn as the older generation is asked the same question. They describe their bodies as being unique, strong, magnificent, and even blessed.

    While body acceptance seems to be difficult in the middle of life, it is not impossible. That is what Brumfitt wants people to know with the Body Image Movement. She wants everyone, particularly women, to see that they can love themselves just as they are. Brumfitt is no stranger to the struggle with self-acceptance; even after winning a bodybuilding competition, she was unhappy. Finally, in 2012, she learned to love her body, at a size 12, and she shared it with the world, gaining millions of likes and shares overnight.

    Since then, she has shared her story with thousands of women, telling them that they should love themselves, both inside and out. When you learn to love your body as it is, you become much happier with your life and gain a lot more confidence to achieve your dreams. Instead of pointing out flaws, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful, that you are strong and confident and sexy. Remind yourself that it is not your body that defines you as a person, but your actions.

    Accepting your body and being happy with it, rather than worrying about the flaws can help you to lead a much happier life overall. It is also an opportunity to send a strong and powerful message of body acceptance and self-love to your children. This way, as they grow up, the will not struggle with their feelings towards their own body, and will never stop loving themselves as so many others have done. Then, everyone can love themselves at every stage in life—which is exactly what Brumfitt wants people to do, as she says in the video and on social media.

    The Body Image Movement is sending a powerful message of body acceptance, and Taryn Brumfitt is not done yet. Embrace your body is the documentary that she has been working on as part of the Movement, and it is being released in select theaters across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States this summer. Find out if it is playing in a theater near you to learn more about her inspiring story and learn more about the importance of loving yourself.

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