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    What is a Chubby Guy/Man? 10 Reasons to Date Chubby Guys/Men

    by Ellie

    In today’s world, body positivity has become an increasingly important topic of discussion. It’s essential to challenge stereotypes and embrace all body shapes and sizes. And the perception of body figures has changed, chubby guy is becoming more and more popular. When it comes to dating, the notion that a “fat guy” cannot find love or have a successful relationship is simply unfounded.

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    Body positivity increased, and more individuals are starting to embrace the way they look while ignoring the ignorance of others. The Guardian reported a survey conducted with individuals to see where their preference lies with body figures. 75% stated that they prefer a softer male body type, also known as the “dad bod.”

    More than half of Americans believe that the media and fashion industry portray a negative trait of body image. Therefore, more Americans want to experience a significant other or companion with a more relaxed body figure.

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    This research proves good news for the fat guy because women are more inclined to date him as body figures do not matter anymore. Women should date cute fat guys because they are unique individuals who stand out from others. They are also gentlemen who want to love and know how to love a woman.

    Chubby Guys FAQs

    1. What is a chubby guy?

    Hot chubby guys are considerably plump, round, or slightly overweight regarding the Body Mass Index (BMI). Also, women can find them to be extra fluffy with love. About 35% of American men are chubby; therefore, there are more sexy chubby guys to go around and love.

    2. Are there cute chubby guys?

    There are cute chubby men everywhere, even in the music and movie industry. Some chubby men will turn you on in a second and make you want to marry them the next. Below are three famous cute chubby guys you would like to call your own if they weren’t too well-known.

    Kevin James

    cute chubby guy
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    Kevin James is a hot chubby guy most famous for The King of Queens, Grown Ups, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. His funny personality always brings joy to the movies. Plus, he has a smile that will get any woman to her knees. Watch Here Comes the Boom to see Kevin James as a chubby guy shirtless battling it out in the boxing ring. Then, you’ll see why he is a hot chubby guy.

    Anthony Anderson

    cute chubby guy
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    Anthony Anderson began his career as a chubby guy when he first starred in Life, Liberty Height, and Trippin’ back in 1999. Anthony Anderson may have lost weight, yet he is still considered a chubby guy who is thriving on his show Black-Ish. He looks hot while acting on it as well. Anthony Anderson has a gap to die for when he smiles, and he compliments himself well when paired with strong female actresses.

    John Travolta

    hot chubby guy
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    Making his debut in 1975 in Devil’s Rain, John Travolta was the heartthrob that every woman wanted to date. Moving forward years later, John Travolta gained almost 100 pounds. As a man in his 60s, he is an excellent representative in the old chubby men category. John Travolta gets bonus points for shaving his head completely bald, giving women more to love.

    3. Would you date chubby men?

    I would date a chubby guy in a heartbeat.
    Chubby men are the new day and age sexy men because of their wonderful personality traits and other characteristics that make them stand out from fit men. Chubby men are more than just their weight. They are human beings, too, with a soul that others cannot duplicate. Plus, they are great lovers.

    What are the Advantages of Dating Chubby Guys

    Hot chubby men hold quality characteristics that should make women want to date them all the time.
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    Every human being has his/her own advantage. Some people are innovative, financially stable, and even have the best hobbies. However, this can be anyone, especially chubby guys. Hot chubby men hold quality characteristics that should make women want to date them all the time.

    Here are ten solid reasons why women love dating chubby guys.

    Chubby guys are trustworthy.

    You can trust a chubby guy. He’s honest, realistic, and your everyday guy that will handle his business. Chubby men are not lazy. They are actually hardworking men that believe in just being who they are. You will find a hot chubby guy in protective services, the healthcare industry, truck driving, and material moving.

    Chubby guys are funnier.

    A fat chubby guy can be very hilarious. Some amazing actors are chubby such as Kevin James, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and Zach Galifianakis. These men bring on the laughs, and they are hot and fluffy while doing it. If you meet a chubby guy, more than likely, he will be just as funny as these guys, if not funnier.

    Chubby guys are considerate.

    A chubby guy can be considerate when it comes to dating them. Imagine if you want to go shopping, and you are a BBW. You return home with not too many options. Fat chubby men will not only understand where you are coming from, but they will also give you some words of encouragement and body positivity.

    Chubby guys can be the best cuddlers.

    Cute fat guys have extra fluff that fills like a pillow. They are comfortable to cuddle with in bed so much that you will fall asleep in an instant after watching Netflix and have the best dreams knowing that a real man is holding you tight throughout the night. Big companies have gotten in on the action to even sell merchandise with the slogan “Chubby Guys Cuddle Better,” such as Wal-Mart, Etsy, and Amazon.

    Chubby guys are healthier.

    Scientifically speaking, chubby men can be considered healthier than most individuals. Studies show that being a smaller size does not equate to healthiness. If someone includes at least 30 minutes of exercise and a nutritional diet consisting of all food groups, anyone can be healthy at any size, including chubby guys.

    Chubby guys are many sexy chubby men.

    Have you ever met chubby bearded men?
    If he has a full-rounded beard, you will love to touch his face with the chunkiness of his cheeks. Chubby men come in all different shapes, sizes, and races. Chubby men can be white, black, Asian, Arabic, middle eastern, or Latino. No matter what, they will forever be hot.

    Chubby guys last longer in bed.

    Chubby men are excellent lovers in bed. They contain all the fat in their bellies that’ll make the pushing feel amazing. According to studies, they have love handles that prove that makes their stamina last longer than your average thin man.
    Time them in bed, and you will know what I mean.

    Chubby men are good listeners.

    Sexy chubby guys will listen to you talk all day, and they will never complain about it. They will want to know how to make your day better and even give you a fluffy hug or two if you need it.

    Chubby guys can be kind-hearted.

    A kind-hearted man means that he will do anything benevolently no matter what. A chubby guy is kind-hearted because he will keep you warm with his body temperature when it’s cold outside, give you food when you are hungry, and he will rub your feet after a long day.

    Chubby guys are excellent cooks.

    These men are not chubby for no reason. Many “fat guys” love to eat and cook, which means they likely have some culinary skills. They can whip up a delicious meal or take you to some of the best eateries. Cute fat men can be excellent cooks. They have taste buds unlike others, and they know a way to a woman’s heart with food in her stomach. They’ll make interesting combinations that’ll make you crave more than you wish.


    Whether you want to have the best sex, the best food, or the best snuggles of your life, a chubby man is perfect for the job. He will be the best companion, friend, and husband that any woman would never want to let go of. If you find yourself attracted to or interested in a “fat guy,” don’t let societal norms or judgemental opinions hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to explore a meaningful connection and see beyond superficial judgments.

    Ultimately, what truly matters in a relationship is the love, support, and understanding that two people share. So, let go of any preconceived notions and embrace the idea that love comes in all shapes and sizes.