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    30 Date Ideas for A Long-Distance Relationship

    by Ellie

    You might need some great date ideas if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Even though you’re apart, there are plenty of fun things you can do besides just chatting online to bridge the geographical gap. Finding ways to maintain your relationship can make the distance feel insignificant. This article provides you with 30 date ideas for a long-distance relationship. Let’s take a look together.

    Video Chat

    A video chat is essential for maintaining a strong connection in a long-distance relationship. Schedule regular video chats to make it feel like you’re meeting in person. Talk about your day, show each other your surroundings, or just hang out together doing things like cooking or working.

    Online Gaming

    Check out platforms like Steam to find a game you can play with each other. Discover new parts of the games and enjoy an exciting and happy date night. This will strengthen your relationship as you celebrate wins and face challenges together.

    Watching A Movie or A TV Show

    Though you can’t go to a movie theatre for a date night, you can watch a movie or TV show together on a streaming platform like Netflix. Instead of just watching, consider making it an event. For example, you can prepare themed snacks, dress up according to the movie’s era or genre, and discuss your favorite scenes or characters afterward.

    Reading the Same Book

    Choose a book that both of you are interested in, then read it together and discuss your thoughts and feelings. Or you can read it out loud to him/her when you find a very exciting paragraph.

    Learning A Skill Together

    You can participate in online courses or learn new skills together. Set learning goals, track progress, and celebrate milestones with each other, strengthening your relationship and fostering mutual growth.

    Sharing Playlists

    Sharing your favorite music with your partner can be a wonderful thing. You can create a shared music playlist, exchange favorite songs, and discover new ones together.

    Virtual Travel

    Though you are apart, you can still take a virtual travel together. Explore different parts of the world through platforms like Google Earth, and discuss cultural differences and similarities you discover during your virtual travels.

    Writing a Letter

    While emails and instant messages are convenient nowadays, writing a traditional handwritten letter can be a special and personal gesture. Share your thoughts, dreams, and feelings thoughtfully in the letter. Besides, you can add personal touches like doodles or pressed flowers for an extra sentimental touch.

    Planning for the Future

    You don’t live together now, but you will be. So you can discuss plans for your future such as work, study and life. There is no need to set all the long-term goals while creating some short-term goals that can be achieved very soon.

    Celebrating Special Days

    Do not forget to plan surprises for each other even from a long distance, especially on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can order flowers or gifts online for a surprise. Besides, it’s also a good idea to create personalized digital photo albums or videos to memorize your special moments.

    Sharing Daily Life

    Despite the physical distance, staying connected is very important. You can use social media or shared photo albums to share your daily routines. It can help you feel more connected to each other’s lives and provide opportunities for meaningful conversations about even the smallest details.

    Remote Date Nights

    Get creative with your virtual dates. You can plan a themed night, like a DIY pizza-making night, or have dinner together via video chat. These great experiences can keep the romance alive and create lasting memories for both of you.

    Online Fitness

    You can invite her/him to join online fitness classes with you and set fitness goals together. It helps motivate each other during workouts by sharing progress and celebrating achievements.

    Virtual Cooking Date

    Choose a recipe, prepare dinner together, and share the cooking process and results via video chat. And then having the dinner with the video call on, which feels like he/she is around you and promotes your relationship even from a long distance.

    Online Puzzles Date

    There are some online puzzle platforms like Jigsaw Planet or Puzzle Together, which allow you to work on puzzles together. Enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your teamwork when you complete the puzzle.

    Learning A Language

    Learn a new language together using apps like Duolingo. One of the biggest advantages of learning a language is you have a partner to practice, which lets you make progress quickly. And you can challenge each other with language games or quizzes to make learning more interactive and fun.

    Online Shopping Date

    Shop online together for a long-distance date. You can pick out gifts for each other or decorate each other’s spaces. It’s a great opportunity to surprise each other with thoughtful gifts or to plan future adventures together.

    Synchronized Diaries

    Record daily life and feelings through shared diary apps or platforms, fostering understanding and intimacy. Use it as a space to express gratitude as well as frustration.

    Online Music Concerts

    Attend virtual concerts or music festivals together, and create a cozy atmosphere with mood lighting and snacks. Discuss your favorite performances and songs, and reminisce about concerts you’ve attended together in the past.

    Creating An Art Project

    Start an artistic activity like painting or crafting together, then share and rate each other’s creations. You can also exchange the creation as a meaningful gift if possible.

    Doing Yoga Together

    Sometimes, doing a peaceful activity like meditation or Yoga together is also a good idea for a date. You can do Yoga together with video calls for a great date night. Enjoy each other’s company silently and release your pressure.

    Joining A Book Club

    If both of you love reading and literature, you can join or create an online book club, discussing the books you read together. Explore themes, analyze characters, and share how the story resonates with your own lives.

    Starting Joint Hobby Projects

    Use your shared hobbies as a way to bond and create something meaningful together. Whether it’s a blog documenting your adventures, a podcast discussing your favorite topics, or a YouTube channel showcasing your talents, starting on a project can strengthen your relationship and create lasting memories.

    Remote Pet Interaction

    If one of you has a pet, you can interact with each other’s pets via video call, and share the experiences of raising a pet or funny things about the pet, making it feel loved and included in your relationship.

    Online Trivia Games

    Have a date night to challenge each other’s knowledge and have fun with online trivia games. Create custom trivia quizzes based on each other’s interests or favorite topics, and use them as an opportunity to learn more about each other while enjoying some friendly competition.

    Role-Playing Games

    Besides trivia games, you can also play online role-playing games together for a virtual date night! Create characters, embark on quests, and strategize as a team to overcome challenges, and have unforgettable memories along the way.

    Career Development

    Support each other’s professional growth by attending webinars, workshops, or online courses together. Discuss career goals, offer constructive feedback, and brainstorm ways to overcome challenges or advance in your respective fields.

    Research Projects

    Explore shared interests or curiosities by collaborating on online research projects or scientific experiments. You can discuss your findings, analyze data, and draw conclusions together for a date night.

    Taking Couple’s Quiz

    Take a couple’s quiz or relationship assessments together to gain insight into each other’s preferences and values. And then you can use the results as a springboard for meaningful conversations about your relationship.

    Writing A Love Diary Together

    Writing a shared love diary can strengthen your emotional bond, improve how you talk to each other, and make a special memento of your time as a couple. It’s a lovely way to care for your relationship and make long-lasting memories with each other.

    Final Words

    We all know that long-distance relationships are truly challenging and require effective ways to nurture them. Many factors can potentially kill such relationships. However, on the other hand, you can discover so many date ideas for a long-distance relationship if you are willing to. Therefore, distance cannot defeat us, because the farther apart we are, the closer our hearts become.