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    Dating Frustrations As A Big Beautiful Woman

    by Becky

    While dating comes with struggles for everyone, when you are a Big Beautiful Woman, dating has a completely different set of struggles and frustrations that one must overcome. The only people who can recognize these problems are other women who are in the plus size dating scene. Here are some of the common ways plus size women struggle when it comes to the dating scene- but do bot let them make you think it is impossible.

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    Guys Fetishize Your Body

    There is a difference between being admired for the body you have, and being fetishized for it. When men fetishize a BBW, they are dehumanizing them. They are treating that woman as if they were nothing more than an object- and that is absolutely unacceptable. These kind of men will not take the time to read your dating profile, because they are not really interested in getting to know you as a person; they just want your body.

    They Think You Are Easy

    For some reason when it is a BBW dating, men seem to think they are “easier” than other women. That because of your size, you will put out for any guy that comes your way. Just like it happens with men who fetishize bigger women, these are men that do not care to get to know you. All they are interested in is sex.

    They Think You Have No Standards

    Unfortunately, with men thinking you are easy, they think you have low to no standards. This could be related to the men that you date or your personal standards. In other words, they think you are big because you choose to be. They think you do not take pride in your appearance. But, they do not take the time to consider the possibility of health conditions or that you spend time doing your hair and makeup, just like any other women.

    Food Dates Are Uncomfortable

    When it comes to going out to eat on a date, there is a moment of extreme anxiety when it comes time to order food. You are afraid of being judged for the littlest thing. No matter what you order, there is a voice in your head telling you that you picked wrong. It comes with the territory of plus size dating and going out to eat. But, it is heard to get past sometimes.

    These are just a few of the ways that plus size dating can be so frustrating for women, but the list is truly endless. It is a sad truth, and many people do not realize just how difficult it can be. But, it is important to remember just how beautiful and unique you are- while these frustrations may make it hard when it comes to BBW dating, it does not mean it is impossible. You just have to be patient and look in the right places, and you are sure to find love. Because you are worth it, and there is someone out there that knows it!

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