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    Using These Dating Profile Words Will Get You the Perfect Matches

    by Ellie

    We already know that there are some things that work better than others on dating sites. Yes! You’ve got a cute bio and are sure you qualify to get yourself the perfect bae. But that’s not all. Ever wondered why it’s taking weeks and probably months now, still no beep on your app? You’re missing out on something that works better; just the perfect dating profile words!

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    Image by athree23 from Pixabay

    The recent study by eHarmony dating site has shown that men and women who used specific words on their dating profile got more perfect matches than others. This is coming at a time when more men and women are looking for love online analyzed the profiles of 12,000 members.

    The research shows that potential love interests are more likely to reach out to a man who has these 10 dating profile words like:

    1. Physically fit (+ 96%)
    2. Insightful (+ 51%)
    3. Spontaneous (+ 45%)
    4. Like to go out (+ 44%)
    5. Optimistic (+ 39%)
    6. Smart (+ 35%)
    7.  Passionate (+ 32%)
    8. Affectionate (+ 29%)
    9. Articulated (+ 24%)
    10. Ambitious (+ 29%)

    As you can see, for the guys, having a good sense of humor is out of fashion. We must work on these other qualities instead of maximizing our effort to fix the six-packs we don’t even have.

    As for the ladies, you might want to consider putting in these online dating profile words to get your perfect match:

    1. Ambitious (+ 48%)
    2. Insightful (+ 46%)
    3. Sweet (+ 33%)
    4. Worker (+ 32%)
    5. Thoughtful (+ 28%)
    6. Physically fit (+ 21%)
    7. Creative (+ 19%)
    8. Rational (+ 19%)
    9. Spontaneous (+ 19%)
    10. Energetic (+ 18%)

    Men seem to be looking for ambitious and insightful women. Finally! The time when men wanted submissive women seems to be over!

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    The worst words to use

    Mind you, there are also words that you should never put in your profile unless you do not want to receive any attention from the opposite sex. For example, men should avoid using the words like spiritual, silent, dependent, articulate and good listener (or who knows how to listen). While women should never put these five words: silent, spiritual, respectful, a good listener and loves to take care of others.

    Here! You now know what to put and what not to put in your profile! Hope it helps you find the love of your life!