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    Dating Standards Calculator: How Many People Meet Your Standards

    by Ellie

    If you’ve been struggling with love recently, for example, getting little matches on dating apps in your area after setting up your preference, you may start to question if your standards for a partner are too high. To confirm your suspicions, there is a trending test to help you. The dating standards test reveals how many potential partners meet all your specified criteria.

    What is the Dating Standards Calculator?

    The dating standards calculator originated from a trending TikTok challenge, providing users with various criteria to estimate how many potential partners they could date based on their preferences. These criteria encompass age, gender, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, acceptable height range, marital status, and other personal considerations.

    The dating standards test uses data from the US Census Bureau and the US CDC. It gives users a percentage showing how realistic their expectations are compared to the actual US population. This test helps people looking for love by showing the percentage of people who fit their preferences, helping them see if their dating expectations match reality.

    How to Do the Dating Standards Test?

    If you want to see how many people meet your standards in your area, you can use the dating standard calculator. Don’t know where to find it? No worries, we will give you some options below.

    1. Keeper

    Keeper is a free app that helps you understand the likelihood of finding your ideal partner based on your preferences. It’s also very easy to use. You just need to set some conditions on its page, such as age, height, income, whether to have children and so on. Then you can find out how many people in your country and region meet your criteria.

    keeper dating standards calculator

    2. BarGlance

    BarGlance is also an online free tool to see what percentage of the population meets your dating standards. Its advantage is that when you change a condition, you can see in real time the impact of that change on the number of people who meet your dating criteria. For example, with all other conditions remaining the same, after you check the box for “Exclude those without a Bachelor’s degree,” the percentage of people who meet my dating standards drops from 1.10% to 0.41%, allowing you to understand that this criterion has resulted in a decrease of 0.69%.

    barglance dating standards test

    3. Igotstandardsbro

    igotstandardsbro is designed for females, it allows women to know the chances of finding the ideal man. Its interface is very clean and straightforward, offering only four options: Age, Race, Min. Height, and Min. Income. After you have set these criteria, clicking the “Find out” button will show you how many American men meet your dating standards. The data it uses comes from the US Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).

    female delusion calculator

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    Can You Trust the Accuracy of the Dating Standards Calculator?

    In fact, when the dating standards test became popular on TikTok, many users questioned its accuracy. Even though these dating standards calculators all claim that their data comes from the US Census Bureau, CDC, and NCHS, accurate data cannot be found on these websites. On Keeper’s website, they also acknowledge that the results of the test are not 100% accurate.

    Personally, I believe that these results are definitely not accurate, or at least not that precise. However, the test still has its significance. Through this test, we can understand what the core points we should focus on when looking for our dating partners are, instead of wanting everything, which would make our chances of success very slim.

    Instead of doing the dating standard test, you can directly find your matches on dating apps. If you love curvy women, WooPlus allows you to set your preferences such as age, income, race, and more to get the real person to date. Take your actions now to find a perfect match!