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    Fight Fat Shaming with Funny ‘Rad Fatty Merit Badges’

    by Ellie

    Fat shaming, whatever the intention is, is not a good thing but rather lowers confidence of fat people. It doesn’t encourage them to shed off their fats but rather affect their emotional aspect and their perception towards living happily in a fair society. We must not be bothering about this matter because it is not worth wasting our time. After all, who care is somebody is fat, right? But Nicole Arbour, a subscriber of Youtube, don’t understand that as her video entitled “Dear Fat People” became viral last month. Here, she put down fat or obese people, spread off  various assumptions regarding with their health and let them feel that they are too miserable.

    fight fat shaming

    When Stacy Bias who is known to be a good entrepreneur and brave activist, can’t  even stand watching this good-for-nothing video. However, she was worried about the possible emotion that fat people all over the world would feel upon with the judgement and terrible words that Arbours have said. Her mind have been shouting that she must that fight fat shaming. That is why she posted Rad Fatty Merit Badges on her Facebook Wall.

    By that, her friends began asking for stickers. Because of that, she created a certain fundraising page so that she could afford the printing cost. Amazingly, she achieved 100%  for  the necessary fund in just eight hours. The request flooded in,  Stacy never think twice on making badges which  have unapologetic as well sarcastic slogans ranging from smart “Took up” to “Fight Fat Shaming” and “Survived Body Shaming Without Self blaming”.

    The witty lady, Stacy Bias, behind this insist she rather choose to convert those fat shaming words to funny sayings since it is not that easy to deal in a world where exterior appearance is  the basis. Fat-shaming must not hurt any individual; it must give them more courage and let them prove being their uniqueness. Fight fat shaming.

    We cannot deny that if you are fat, most of the time, you could encounter verbal assault, glare and even judgmental stare. There are times that they may even laugh at you when you fall down. It takes too much strength and courage for fat people to move forward and continue living their life. Stacy realize that and pioneer celebrating such great courage. She was really dedicated to fight fat shaming no matter what happens.

    Stacy strongly believes  that these badges  they will create will greatly help people who struggle the most with positive attitude toward body figures. They can acquire extra courage and self-esteem. For people who keeps on fat shaming, well, it must be the time to retreat and bring back their compassion and humanity. Let’s fight shaming altogether.