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    First Date Questions that Will Win a Heart at the Very First Swipe

    by Ellie

    Typically, the first date is an orientation opportunity because you basically get to know your partner. As such, digging too deep into your partner may paint a picture of desperation in you. Therefore, taking things slow and light is key. With a slew of excellent first date questions, you maintain the banter and lengthen your conversation. As a result, you stand a chance of carrying the day.

    What are your values and priorities in life?

    This question is a gateway to a conversation that can take many shapes. However, it will primarily unearth your date’s life goals, dreams, morals, and desires.

    Typically, this question lets you know who you’re dating. You’ll know whether or not you’re birds of a feather with your date through knowing their morals, goals, and desires. This is why this question should top your first date questions.

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    What’s your personality?

    Familiarize yourself with date’s personality for your own good. It’s crucial that you get a clear description of their personality. This is the simplest way of knowing you’re handling.

    Supplementing it should be the factors and reasons that make them who they are. It could be their career, environment or even friends. Whatever the personality, it’s key to familiarize yourself so that you know whom you’re getting involved with.

    Some personalities are intolerable. At the same time, there are people with personalities that don’t get along very well. Over-reactive individuals, for instance, won’t get along at all. Similarly, introverts and highly outgoing people will have social problems. As a result, you can tell whether your date is your type.

    So, personality is one thing that must constitute your first date questions.

    Who inspires and motivates you?

    Compel your date to include people motivating and inspiring them. Be sure to note the most influential figure in their life. Alongside this, you should ask for the most influential stage or part of their life. It’s in your best interest to know these because you could be on a date with a perfect match that would lead to a relationship.

    Taking account into this may also inspire and motivate you. You may be liking your date as a result of the effects of such motivation and inspiration.

    It’s an important question to ask because it will work to your advantage. So, don’t forget it as you ask your first date questions.

    What are you passionate about?

    Meeting a new person for a date is triggers a lot of anxiety and nervousness. This is because you really don’t know do’s and don’ts in their presence. Asking about them is the ultimate solution. By so doing, you’ll know the path to tread with them.

    By telling their passions, and especially that thing they’re very passionate about, you get to the core of their life.

    It could be traveling and adventure, cooking, singing, dancing, or even reading. Whatever the outcome is, you get an idea of whom you’re bound to deal with. As a result, you’ll know how to play your cards should you land in a relationship.

    On the other hand, it could be probable that you’re sharing some of these features. Because of this, you can rejoice the fact that there are things in common. Things you’ll enjoy doing together.

    This makes this question critical as one of your first date questions.

    Anything about your leisure activities and free time?

    This is probably a very important part of dating. As partners, having common interests and preferences is paramount in maintaining the bond. As such, leisure activities play a key role in determining the reality of this.

    Therefore, before taking the association to the next level, the leisure and free time activities must be streamlined. The converse of this is that you and your partner will defer on what to do. As a result, the relationship will be on a standstill. Arguments will keep you going back and forth.

    On the other hand, you may hit the jackpot by meeting a perfect match. One with whom you have identical leisure activities. Under such as circumstance, your date will have a smooth ride.

    It’s good to note that the activities a person does over discretionary time speak much about them. Out of your knowledge, your date could be an alcoholic, slacker or a career-oriented figure. This question will pull the reality behind this. Whatever they do over this time will tell you who they are.

    Potato heads and slackers will dwell on watching and playing video games all day. On the other hand, the focused will talk about serious things like playing football with kids, spending time with family, and such kinds of stuff.

    At the end of the day, you can judge for yourself whether they’re whom you really want to move on with.

    It all starts with your first date!

    Give a Vote of Appreciation

    At the end of the day, you may appreciate your date for showing up. This should be in an appealing and respectful way. Because you can’t tell their expectations prior to the date, it’s ideal to ask about it. Your date may have expected a date out in a park or a garden, which didn’t happen. By finding out, you get to know their disappointment, joy or recommendations concerning the first date. Through this, you know where to improve on.

    You can also what your date is looking for a partner as well as the figure they expected to meet. This has to do with your physical appearance against their expectations. Even though there’s nothing you can do to streamline this, be sure that it’s subject to one of your first date questions.

    As you wind up the date, express your desire for another date with your partner. It’s ideal to ask when to take your date out for a second date.

    Pay Respect to Your Date

    Subjects closely related to intimacy affairs shouldn’t be part of your first date questions. For instance, it’d be out of order to ask when you’re getting intimate on a first date. In a nutshell, keep off any sex-related topic.

    Additionally, you should never ask why your date is single. It’s totally gross. Keep it shallow, light and easy. Such topics and questions may piss off your date. As a result, it may deny you an opportunity of a lifetime.


    Your first date questions should focus on knowing your date better. As such, they shouldn’t touch on sensitive topics that may scare off your date or portray you as a desperate figure. Instead, they should be easy and stimulate to your date.

    Ask appropriate first date questions and win someone’s heart!