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    40 Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

    by Ellie

    Goodnight wishes don’t always have to be a simple “sleep well.” Adding a little humor to your goodnight wishes can make her/his night brighter. Whether you’re texting a friend or a match on the WooPlus app, or wishing your loved ones sweet dreams, a funny goodnight can be the perfect end to the day. So we teach you some funny ways to say goodnight in this article, and the next time you’re about to say “sweet dreams,” consider one of these witty farewells instead.

    Funny Ways to Say Goodnight

    Don’t just say “good night” or “sweet dreams”, they are so repetitive. Add some humor to make other people’s nights better. Try these funny goodnight messages:

    darkness falls
    • My upper eyelids fall in love with my lower eyelids. Good night for them and you!
    • I’m going to sleep. Close the moon for me. Good night!
    • The moon is closed tonight, so it’s up to me to say good night.
    • There is not enough time, so I must steal some from my dream. Good night!
    • I hope you have a sweet dream. I mean dream of me.
    • I’ve closed one of my eyes. I’ll wait for you to say good night and close the other.
    • The one who sleeps late will be caught and punished by the moon!
    • I can see you in my dream when I fall asleep, so I’m going to sleep now!
    • Goodnight! Don’t let the moon catch you snoring.
    • It’s rude to stay up when the sun has gone to bed. Goodnight!
    • It’s time to fight with my pillow over the last piece of cake in my dreams.
    • I’m going to sleep like a log, or at least like a very tired log. Goodnight!
    • Goodnight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!
    • Goodnight! I hope your dreams are in HD and 3D.
    • Goodnight! I hope you sleep like a baby… or at least without the midnight crying.
    • May your dreams be as sweet as the last piece of birthday cake. Goodnight!
    • Time to go dream about solving the world’s problems over a cup of tea.
    • I’m off to count my chickens before they cross the road. Goodnight!
    • Time to dream about world peace… or maybe just about pizza.
    • May your night be filled with midnight snacks and no morning alarms.

    How to Say Goodnight to a Girl in a Fun Way?

    What can you say goodnight to a girl instead of “Having a good night”? Saying goodnight to a girl in a fun and memorable way can be a delightful way to end the day. Do not have a girl to say goodnight? Follow our ultimate guide to find a girlfriend fast.

    a girl falls asleep

    To make her smile before falling asleep, you can use the cute goodnight text below:

    • Counting one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, still can’t fall asleep? That’s because you’re missing my goodnight wish.
    • The moon hides in the clouds, the stars yawn, and my dear, it’s time for you to drift into a sweet dream.
    • When you fall asleep, you’ll be the sleeping beauty from the fairy tale. Goodnight!
    • Did you know? Every “goodnight” I say to you holds a secret “I miss you.”
    • Some goodnights are just out of politeness, while others are because I miss you.
    • I prefer goodnight to good morning. When I close my eyes, I can see you in my dreams.
    • I believe the softest words in the world are the “goodnight” I say to you.
    • Goodnight! I’ll be counting how many times I dream about you tonight.
    • Goodnight, and may your night be as sparkly as the stars.
    • I hope your night is as sweet as the last bite of your favorite dessert. Goodnight!

    How to Say Goodnight to a Guy in a Fun Way?

    Don’t think that guys don’t need some goodnight wishes. They do. Especially at night, after a guy puts away the stress and fatigue of the day, receiving a warm and funny goodnight text can make him feel very cozy. Then he can have a whole wonderful night’s sleep. You can try the following texts we’ve prepared for you:

    a guy is sleeping
    • I hope your bed is as warm and snuggly as a bear hug. Goodnight!
    • Goodnight! May your night be filled with as much laughter as our day was.
    • Goodnight! I’m off to find a place in my dreams where we can continue our conversation.
    • Nighty night! May your dreams be as heroic as your daytime deeds.
    • Time to recharge the battery! Goodnight, and have the best sleep ever.
    • May your dreams be as bright as the stars tonight. 
    • May your sleep be as deep as the ocean and as tranquil as the night sky.
    • I hope you have sweet dreams, meaning dreams of me.
    • Goodnight, the moon will help me embrace you.
    • Tonight, don’t close the window. I want to secretly slip into your dreams.


    We have listed 40 cute and funny Goodnight texts for you, and you can feel free to personalize these messages to better suit your relationship and the sense of humor of the guy you’re wishing a good night to. Keep in mind that the key to a fun goodnight text is to keep it light, genuine, and appropriate.