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    40+ Romantic Halloween Date Ideas for Plus-Size Women

    by Becky

    For most single people it’s hard to think about love and romance around the spookiest holiday of the year. However, for couples, Halloween is just another opportunity to celebrate and have fun with their loved ones. Thus, from sultry costumes to thrilling Halloween dates, most couples can’t wait to put their spooky and sexy on! However, for plus-size women where dating is hard to begin with, Halloween does not get any better.

    Halloween is just around the corner. So are you looking for some fun Halloween date ideas that would really turn around this spine-chilling holiday for you? If you are a plus-size woman, here are 40+ amazing Halloween date ideas that are bound to make your day, truly epic. We hope that these fun-filled activities will encourage plus-size women to summon Cupid instead of the devil on this year’s Halloween!

    Halloween date idea
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    Romantic Halloween Date Ideas at Home

    Looking for some great Halloween date ideas at home, to amp up your time together? Here are a few:

    Watch a Halloween movie

    What to Do: Nothing sounds more romantic than a Halloween-themed ‘Netflix and Chill’ session.’ Make some popcorn and nacho, get some soda and curl up in bed while you watch your top favorite rom-com Halloween movies. Some great choices include The Shape of Water, Warm Bodies & Halloween. Don’t forget to wear some sexy lingerie so he cannot keep his eyes off of your voluptuous body.

    Why: The physical intimacy of cuddling in bed together will bring the two of you closer. Not to forget, that every time a spine-chillingly scary scene comes on, you can curl up your head into their chest!

    Make Halloween costumes

    What to Do: Huddle up your home supplies and unleash the artist within you- it’s time to make some matching couples costumes. For example, some DIY couple costumes you can try making are: Fred & Wilma from The Flinstones, Barbie & Ken, Aladdin & Princess Jasmine, and Thing 1 & Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat, etc.

    Why: Such fun activities not only allow you to embrace your creative sides, but as a plus-size woman they also bring you closer to your partner, as they gain more insight into your body.

    Make Homemade Candy

    What to Do: You might be too old for trick-o-treating, but never too old to make some Halloween candy at home. Therefore, look up some candy recipes online and get started!

    Why: Doing things together in the kitchen will stimulate intimacy between you and your partner. Besides, as a plus-size woman, it let you embrace your foodie side without any shame.

    Make Halloween drinks

    What to Do: What better time than Halloween to experiment with making new drinks and concoctions with weird ingredients and combinations? Grab whatever you can in your liquor and drinks cabinet and go ham!

    Why: Romance over drinks is a classic. Not only will you have a great night getting drunk, you might end up with some good beverage combinations.

    Make Caramel Apples

    What to Do: If making homemade candy is too much work for you, caramel or toffee apples are a great alternative. Because all you have to do is prepare hot melted toffee syrup or caramel syrup and dip your apples in it. So simple and easy!

    Why: Apples have been long associated with Halloween, moreover, candied apples are a classic Halloween snack to munch on.

    Carve Pumpkins

    What to Do: Another good one from the list of Halloween date ideas at home is pumpkin carving. While this is something you can do as a group as well, it is a whole lot better doing it in your backyard, possibly naked.

    Why: Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity. The carved pumpkins can be used to decorate the house.

    Play Halloween-themed Board Games

    What to Do: Pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate a two-person access Halloween board night! Our top Halloween-themed board games that you can try include Gloom, Arkham Horror, Zombies and Ghost Stories, etc.

    Why: Board games are both exciting and intellectually challenging. A great idea to show your partner you are more than just your thick body!

    Put up Halloween decorations

    What to Do: Get into the Halloween spirit by adorning your house with pumpkins, hanging bats, glow-up witch hats, Halloween neon signs, lawn ghosts, skull lights, the Halloween skeleton and other Halloween decorations.

    Why: It is an indulging way of keeping yourself busy on Halloween and being a part of the festivities.

    Bonfire Date Night

    What to Do: S’mores and Pumpkin lattes over a homemade bonfire, sharing ghost stories and a blanket sounds like a plan!

    Why: It will help you get in touch with your camping side and make you feel young again.

    Halloween-themed role-playing

    What to Do: End the night with some sensual role-playing in bed. Put your Halloween costumes on and give each other an exciting time.

    Why: Of all the fun Halloween date ideas, this is the perfect nightcap!

    Romantic Halloween Date Ideas for Couples

    Halloween date ideas
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    Do Makeup on Each Other

    What to Do: Have fun with your makeup tools and brushes and give each other a spooky Halloween look, whether it is Dracula or the Joker.

    Why: You will get Halloween ready while also having fun!

    Plan a Halloween Dinner

    What to Do: Get your aprons on and cook a delicious meal, consisting of each other’s favorite dishes and enjoy it over a candle-lit night.

    Why: For a plus-size woman, food is a source of comfort and being able to share that love with someone else is priceless.

    Walk through the Neighborhood

    What to Do: Sometimes something as simple as holding hands, walking through the neighborhood, and enjoying everyone’s Halloween decorations can be invaluable.

    Why: Simple activities of this type remove the added pressure of making the day ‘special’ and let the couple enjoy each other’s company.

    Go Apple Picking

    What to Do: Find a local orchard or an apple farm to go apple picking. You can enjoy apple ciders while you are there and use the apples to make caramel apples later in the day.

    Why: Apples are an important component of traditional Halloween celebrations.

    Stop by a Pumpkin Patch

    What to Do: Pack up your carving knives and pay a visit to a local pumpkin patch.

    Why: You can bring the pumpkins back home and use them as Halloween decorations, around the house.

    Watch a Halloween play

    What to Do: Lots of local theatres show Halloween-themed plays on and around the holiday. Look into tickets and book them beforehand.

    Why: Halloween plays are both scary and entertaining.

    Watch a Horror Movie

    What to Do: If you are looking to do something outdoorsy, visit a local theater and watch a horror movie.

    Why: Will give you the right amount of chills and entertainment.

    Get a Couple Photoshoot

    What to Do: Hire a photographer, put on your Halloween couples costume and get a mini shoot at a location of your choice-preferably something spooky!

    Why: Photos make for great memories that you can preserve and look back at, in the future.

    Throw a Halloween Party

    What to Do: If you are the kind of couple that likes company, a costume party is an epic idea.

    Why: The more, the merrier!

    Take a festive cooking class

    What to Do: Look for any local cooking classes that teach festive dishes and sign you and your partner up.

    Why: Team-based activities will strengthen your relationship. Plus food is always a top priority for plus-size women.

    Spooky Halloween Date Ideas

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    This section is not for the faint-hearted ones. If you are looking for an adventure-packed, spine-chillingly scary Halloween for you and your partner then keep reading!

    Watch a movie in a cemetery

    What to do: What’s scarier than going to a graveyard? Spending the entire night there, watching horror movies with your partner.

    Why: For a hauntingly exhilarating experience

    Visit Haunted Spots

    What to Do: Search and shortlist some of the most popular haunted spots in your neighborhood and make sure you visit them on Halloween.

    Why: It will be both adventurous and make for great memories.

    Visit a Haunted House

    What to Do: If you do not have the wits for multiple haunted spots, you can always pick a single haunted house to visit. But make sure you carry snacks, a flashlight and a camera for the memories.

    Why: You will get plenty of shocks, some laughs on your partner’s scared reactions. Besides, lots of opportunities to pull each other closer together.

    Listen to a Horror Podcast

    What to Do: Make sure that you tune into your local radio or YouTube to listen to Halloween-themed horror podcasts.

    Why: Your date might get too scared to go back home and stay over!

    Go to an amusement park

    What to Do: Make sure to visit an amusement park’s Halloween night and indulge in the spooky activities and attractions

    Why: Bound to be both entertaining and scary

    Join a Ghost Walk

    What to Do: Dressing up as ghosts and walking through your neighborhood never gets old.

    Why: Plus-size women love physical activities and they cannot turn down those that are both haunting and hilarious.

    Turn your home into a haunted house

    What to Do: Take inspiration from local haunted houses and turn your house into one!

    Why: Your date will be truly impressed and mesmerized by the effort.

    Speed Dating turned Murder Mystery

    What to Do: Revamp your regular speed dating event into a Murder Mystery Party.

    Why: Team-based activities can help you find the right partner in the lot.

    Halloween Book Reading

    What to Do: Host a book reading event, where all the guests read their favorite Halloween books.

    Why: The perfect date idea if your date is an avid book reader.

    Halloween Dance Party

    What to Do: Pick a horror-packed playlist that you and your date can dance to.

    Why: The more terrified she is, the closer she will come to you!

    Virtual Halloween Date Ideas

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    Just because there are miles between you and your lover, does not mean you cannot enjoy Halloween with them. Here’s how you can:

    Send Halloween treats

    What to Do: Mail Halloween treats like candies, caramel apples and apple cider to your partner.

    Why: It is a beautiful gesture of affection.

    Zoom Costume Meetings

    What to Do: Wear your Halloween costume and have a virtual contest with your date on Zoom.

    Why: It will be both entertaining and bring you closer to your partner

    Play a Virtual Zombie Game

    What to Do: Browse an online zombie game and play it with your partner.

    Why: Makes for a unique date idea, especially if your partner enjoys online gaming.

    Tarot Reading

    What to Do: Set up a 3-way Zoom call with your partner and a tarot card reader.

    Why: An innovative yet spooky Halloween date idea

    Virtual Haunted House

    What to Do: Sign you and your partner up for a virtual haunted house tour, online.

    Why: It will make you feel like you are in the presence of your partner, enjoying an epic adventure.

    Virtual Halloween Bingo

    What to Do: Hop onto Zoom and play virtual Halloween-themed Bingo with your date.

    Why: Bingo is a fun, interactive game that will allow you to have a great time with your date.

    Virtual Halloween Party

    What to Do: Join a virtual Halloween party with your date and enjoy exciting Halloween-themed activities like haunted trivia and trick-o-treat conversation starters.

    Why: Besides having a good time, virtual parties help people connect and cultivate genuine relationships.

    Funny Halloween Date Ideas

    Halloween is a great time to up your dating game, let’s take some funny Halloween date ideas.

    Read horror stories

    What to Do: Cuddle up in your bed and read spooky stories to your partner over a video call.

    Why: If your date is an avid book reader, she will find the idea incredibly romantic and appropriate for the occasion.

    Send a Halloween gift

    What to Do: If you cannot spend Halloween with your partner, make sure you send them a Halloween gift. It can be anything from Halloween decorations to custom-made Halloween costumes.

    Why: It will remind your partner that you are thinking about them, even if you are not together.

    Halloween themed dinner

    What to Do: Cook up your favorite meal and bake some cute Halloween cakes to enjoy a Halloween dinner with your date.

    Why: A date is incomplete without food! You can enjoy a delicious meal with your date without them being there, physically.

    Pumpkin carving

    What to Do: You and your partner should choose a good pumpkin and work together to carve a cute animal or a spooky ghost.

    Why: Working together can strengthen your relationship and you get to know each other better during this process.

    Attend a Halloween bar together

    What to do: Look for the nearby bar that holds a Halloween party, both of you should be in Halloween costumes.

    Why: This is a great way for lovers who start their first date, the crowd can release their anxiety and nervous.


    Just as people embrace their evil sides on Halloween, it is also important for plus-size women to embrace and love their bodies, with all its curves and edges. Although there are societal pressure and the fear of rejection, can not hold BBW singles back from having a good time with their partners on Halloween.


    1. What can I do on Halloween instead of at a party?

    If the traditional get-dressed-and-partying scene does not appeal to you, there are still lots of other ways in which you can make the most out of this thrill-filled day. Given above are 40+ fun Halloween date ideas that you can pick from- from binge-watching scary movies in bed to making Halloween treats together, so I believe that there is something for everyone and anyone. However, if you are single you can always do some of these activities with your friends, like having a bonfire night or going on a ghost hunt.

    2. What can adults do on Halloween night?

    Gone are the days when Halloween was just for kids. It is now a great time for adults to reconnect with their loved ones, and also for couples to rekindle their love and explore the depths of their relationships. There are so many things you can do on Halloween: rent a cabin in a deserted area for a real-time adventure, make new Halloween cocktail recipes, go trick-o-treating in the neighborhood together or simply role-play in bed wearing your favorite Halloween costumes.