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    The Ultimate Guide: How to Be a Better Boyfriend with Proven Techniques

    by Ellie

    Sometimes we receive such feedback from our users: Hi, I met my girl in WooPlus, and now I just wonder how to be a better boyfriend, would you please give me some helpful advice? Yes, when you get a pretty girlfriend, you try your best to love and support her, and then you may meet a similar question: how can I improve as a boyfriend? Indeed, being a good boyfriend is not easy. But no worries, with our proven tips, you will become a better boyfriend.

    What Makes a Great Boyfriend?

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    1. Respect girls

    A good boyfriend needs to respect your girlfriend’s personality, choices, and decisions. Do not force her to do things that she is unwilling to do. During the relationship, you should also respect her privacy and freedom and not infringe upon their self-esteem and dignity.

    2. Be honest and trustworthy

    Honesty and trustworthiness are basic requirements for a good boyfriend. As a man, you should be truthful to your girlfriend, not conceal your true situation. And do not lie to her. At the same time, you should keep your promises and commitments, and be responsible for your words and actions.

    3. Care your girlfriend

    A good boyfriend needs to be caring and considerate of your girlfriend, paying attention to her feelings and needs. You should provide warmth and a sense of security to her, offering her the necessary support. At the same time, if there are some problems, discuss and solve them together with your girlfriend, consider her feelings, and do not make unilateral decisions.

    4. Take your responsibility

    A good boyfriend needs to take responsibility for their actions and words, and should not easily abandon the obligations. At the same time, as a man, you should make contributions to your future life and family.

    5. Having goals

    A good boyfriend needs to have ambition and a positive attitude towards your life. It would be great if you strive for your career and life, continuously improving your abilities and qualities. Besides, working hard with your girlfriend for your family’s future.

    How to Be a Better Boyfriend in a Relationship?

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    1. Show your love

    Men should also learn how to express their affection. Let your girlfriend know you love her with sincerity and genuine feelings. Gentle touches, hugs, kisses, and sometimes showing your affection in public are all ways to express your love. These actions will strengthen your relationship.

    2. Appreciate her appearance

    You should love how she looks, whether she’s wearing makeup or not. Make sure she knows she can be herself and relax when she’s with you. Let her know that she is beautiful to you and be your princess at all times, whether she spent an hour getting ready or just woke up. Moreover, remember to praise her beauty when she has a new hairstyle or a new dress.

    3. Keep your relationship fresh

    Try not to always do the same things when you date her. While you may have one or two activities that you both enjoy and often do together, don’t let this become the only thing you do. Instead, try to visit new places, engage in new activities, and explore different parts of the city. Besides, do something special occasionally to surprise your girlfriend, which can keep your relationship fresh and understand each other better.

    4. Give her space

    Your girlfriend is important, but that doesn’t mean she is just ‘yours’. You can’t make her entirely your own. Allow her to have her own space and interests. For instance, you might enjoy football while she might prefer yoga. A good relationship doesn’t require being glued together at all times. If you let her have time to pursue her interests and spend time with her friends, she will love you more.

    5. Learn to be romantic

    With busy work schedules, it’s impossible to live every day like Valentine’s Day. However, occasional small acts of romance can greatly improve your relationship. For example, you can cook a sumptuous dinner together, bring a beautiful flower when you meet, and record the interesting moments of everyday life with your phone and reminisce with her at a special time. These tips can make your relationship more fulfilling and memorable.

    6. Handle your arguments properly

    Firstly, you must understand that it is quite normal to have disagreements and arguments with your girlfriend. Sometimes, arguments can also improve the relationship and bring you closer. Therefore, when faced with disagreements, it is crucial to handle them properly. As a good boyfriend, you should learn to accept and live with your girl’s flaws.

    7. Understand the differences in sex

    Sex is, of course, a very important part of a relationship. As a good boyfriend, if you love her, don’t always rush into the act. Respect her thoughts and engage in intimacy at the right time. Additionally, you should take care of her feelings, understand her needs, and not just focus on satisfying yourself.

    8. Explore your own relationship dynamics.

    To be a great boyfriend, you don’t have to do everything that others teach you. Each couple has their own way of getting along, which is developed through long-term companionship and mutual adjustment.

    What suits you is the best. By following certain answers step by step and copying someone else’s path, you might end up giving a math answer to a chemistry problem.

    How to Be a Better Boyfriend in a Long-distance Relationship

    The best kind of relationship is being together and accompanying each other until they gradually grow old. However, not every couple can stay together all the time, such as long-distance couples who may only see each other once every few months or even longer. Without the right methods to maintain the relationship, the feelings between two people may gradually fade until they part ways.

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    Not all long-distance relationships end without a happy ending. Especially for boys, being a good boyfriend in such a relationship is very important. So how to be a better boyfriend in a long-distance relationship? Take our advice below.

    • More communication: More communications are needed in a long-distance relationship. You can share your daily experiences, feelings, and thoughts with your girlfriend.
    • Trust: Because you are not together, trust is much more important. You should be reliable and consistent to reassure your girlfriend.
    • Emotional support: Offer emotional support and encouragement to your girlfriend. Be there for her during both good times and bad, even if it’s just through a phone call or video chat.
    • Make plans: Plan visits when possible. Having something to look forward to can make the distance more bearable.
    • Prepare surprises: Send surprises occasionally, like a thoughtful gift or a handwritten letter, to show your love from afar.
    • Have patience: Be patient with the process. Long-distance relationships require extra effort and understanding.
    • Be faithful: Stay faithful to your girl. Remember that cheating can be a deal-breaker in any relationship, but it can be especially damaging in a long-distance one where trust is already a crucial factor.

    Final Thoughts

    When you are ready to become a good boyfriend, things will become much easier. Keep in mind that giving more sincerity is more important than methods and techniques. When you put your heart into it, she will surely feel your sincerity and love. Only in this way can you become a good lover to your girlfriend.