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    Journey Continues for ‘Fat Guy Across America’

    by Ellie

    Fat Guy Across America
    Image Source: screenshot via INSIDER

    If you are actively checking your social media accounts, you probably heard or read about a post sharing the journey of this large-sized guy named Eric Hites. This 40-year old Indiana man has embarked on the exciting biking journey, traveling from coast to coast to prove his unconditional love for his estranged wife, and dedicated to win his spouse back. Eric Hites captured the attention and hearts of many people and become an inspiration to many for his dedication to change his life. This fat guy biking across the country was recognized by the public as ‘Fat Guy Across America’ due to his 563-pound weight who’s attempting to travel across the continent of US with just the aid of his 2-wheel bicycle.

    Hites described his life as a ‘life full of misfortune and misery’, at the age of 40 he found himself broke and unemployed. His wife left him and decided to live with another man, while he remained miserable and empty. Despite of his sad fate, his love for his wife never wavered, instead, he made the biggest journey of his life and decided to embark on a trip after they’d separated a year earlier. Hites also stated that his increasing weight and poor health is the reason why their marriage comes to an end, but never his love for his wife. In his interview with ABC News, Hites explained that it is mainly because of his weight why he feels so depressed & grumpy and the reasons why his married life falls apart. While he wanted to win back his wife, Hites made it a promise to make a gesture to show her that he was committed to both his health and his marriage.

    He started his bicycle trip a couple of months ago, where he begin biking in Massachusetts after he got the approval from his cardiologist and physicians. Hites aims to build up his stamina because he was hauling a 300 lbs. trailer behind him. He even proudly announced that he has already lost 60 pounds after biking a mile. Before his trip, he even told his wife about his plan, and thought that he was all talk. The fat guy biking across the country, Eric Hites, has now cranked out farther miles and still dedicated to finish his journey. He also said that his relationship with his wife is now getting into progress.

    He confessed that at first, he could only travel 100 yards before taking a break, but now, his can already bike for at least a mile before needing to rest. In the first week, Hites was full of doubts but his love for his wife is the reason why he keeps himself motivated. With his dedication for his love & adherence to get fit, Hites has gained many fans online and created a name as ‘fat guy biking in America’. Now, Hites is already affiliated with several trainers when he joined in an online exercise group whose main advocacy is to help others who wants to be fit and healthy.

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