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    A Complete Guide to Meet Melbourne Singles in 2023

    by Ellie

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    Dating in Melbourne: Are you planning on dating in Melbourne? If yes, then you are in luck! Because Melbourne is one of the best cities for meeting local singles.

    There is no one reason why dating in Melbourne is such a pleasant and gratifying experience. In fact, as Australia’s cultural epicenter and one of the most popular tourist destinations, Melbourne is the whole package. We are talking about great weather, stunning city views, a perpetually buzzing nightlife, and not to forget the city’s local singles who are highly social, companionable, and authentic. So for anyone thinking of dating in Melbourne, we say: go for it!

    Meet and Date Melbourne Singles with WooPlus

    Whether you are looking for your next late-night movie partner or finding true love in a city teeming with young local singles, dating sites and apps are where the party is at now! It is convenient, accessible, and, not to forget, very affordable.

    The city has a very casual, no-frills, no-strings-attached vibe when it comes to dating in Melbourne. This means that for dating sites Melbourne has tons of opportunities to offer. And when it comes to free dating sites Melbourne has even more potential.

    However, with hundreds of online sites and apps, the real question is:

    Which one to choose? Which one will make dating in Melbourne for me a whole lot better?

    Luckily, in this endless pool of dating sites, Melbourne has a clear winner- WooPlus.

    WooPlus is one of the most popular online dating sites out there, which has been explicitly designed for curvy, plus-size singles. If you are looking for a premium dating experience without it costing a limb or two, WooPlus is your go-to place!

    How can WooPlus help you meet singles in Melbourne?

    Fortunately, there is no rocket science as to how WooPlus can help you meet singles and start dating in Melbourne. Here’s how it works:

    Open the WooPlus site and start by creating your profile. This step is completely free. All you have to do is enter your details, activities, interests, and preferences, upload a badass display picture, one that highlights your best features, and voila! You are now a part of the WooPlus community!

    Next, the site will send you recommendations based on your profile details and preferences. Not only that, but the site also offers location-based search, which means that it will automatically display potential matches that are closest to your current location in the search engine. That is unless you have not set up a different location for search. You can either like or swipe away on a profile. If someone you liked likes you back, a match is made!

    Why choose WooPlus to meet Melbourne singles?

    There are many reasons why WooPlus is such an excellent option for online dating in Melbourne. Here are just a few:

    WooPlus is one of the most interactive online dating platforms. Instead of getting stuck in a mind-numbing rut of swipe-right and swipe-left, there are many others ways in which you can communicate with the site’s dating pool. You can have fun poking people, leaving comments on their photos, sending direct messages, and even presents from your reward points. WooPlus’ ‘Moments’ tab takes it up a notch by allowing you to share your activity to create a more life-like online experience.

    Are you running low on cash but not on love? It’s time to join WooPlus! You can unlock tons of free features, search options, and filters utterly free of cost. Turn ‘Dating in Melbourne’ into ‘dating on a budget!’.

    WooPlus is more than just your run-of-the-mill dating site. A dating platform, a match-making site, and a social network are all packed into one sweet deal.

    Are you a plus-sized woman trying to check ‘Dating in Melbourne’ off of your bucket list? Do you wear your big, bold, and beautiful title with pride? If yes, then WooPlus is your perfect matchmaker! Of all free dating sites, Melbourne BBW can benefit the most from WooPlus’ all-inclusive, no tolerance, no discrimination policies. The site strives to foster a safe platform for plus-sized women to express themselves freely and meet more people like themselves.

    Are you not trying online dating out of the fear of being cat-fished? With WooPlus, you do not have to worry anymore. The site has a rigorous scrutiny process where each profile is checked for authenticity and identity verification, and fake profiles are removed. WooPlus is here to make dating in Melbourne.

    WooPlus users statistics in Melbourne

    Thinking of dating in Melbourne but still don’t know if WooPlus is the right choice for you? We got you covered! Here are a few quick stats to help you decide.

    Female vs. Male Ratio

    According to the most recent analysis, 29% of WooPlus users are women, while a whopping 71% of them are men. This means that if you are a woman all prepped for dating in Melbourne, WooPlus is your ultimate heaven! This works particularly well for Melbourne, where men are incredibly outgoing, friendly, and compassionate in a dating capacity.

    Age Distribution

    The table above shows the age distribution of WooPlus users in Melbourne. Most users belong to their late-20s and early-30s. In fact, one of the best things about WooPlus is that while most dating sites are designed to cater to a younger population, WooPlus’ audience is comparatively more diverse and spread across a higher age group. This means that whether you are looking for casual romance or a long-term commitment, WooPlus has made dating in Melbourne a whole lot easy!

    WooPlus Success Rate

    WooPlus entered the online dating market as a niche dating site. Despite that, it has managed to quickly achieve impressive milestones, break records and emerge as one of the most popular and most successful dating sites. Currently, WooPlus has a success rate of 91%, which equals roughly 27 million quality matches. Twenty-seven million love stories for users is 27 million success stories for WooPlus!

    Where do singles meet in Melbourne?

    So far, we have established that dating in Melbourne is an absolute delight. But where exactly do young local singles meet in this fun, vibrant and lively city? For any singles event, Melbourne has tons of great options. It can range from burgers and beers on a rooftop restaurant to gazing at the stars at the Melbourne planetarium. Even for varying types of social events like history tours and speed dating Melbourne singles are game! Let’s dig deeper and look into a singles event Melbourne residents have developed a fierce appetite for.

    1. Speed Dating Melbourne

    Speed dating in Melbourne has become increasingly popular as it has upgraded dating from a one-to-one interaction into a singles social huddle! Here’s how it works:

    The first step is to register yourself with a speed dating platform, preferably online. The second step is to participate in the speed dating social event. An event leader guides the participants through the process and allows them a designated amount of time with one another. At the end of the event, you fill out a form and identify the people you liked. If any of these people like you back, the speed dating event planners reach you out via email and bingo! A match made in heaven.

    Speed dating Melbourne is a fantastic idea due to the following reasons:


    · It is an efficient way to bag a date. You meet lots of people in a short period.

    · With efficiency also comes variety- the freedom to pick and choose which ones you like

    · It significantly increases the chances of landing a quality match because all the people there are interested and dedicated to the process.

    · Dating can be scary, especially if you meet a stranger for the first time. The sense of company can make you feel safe.

    · There is no pressure to make a match. You can always leave a speed dating event with a meaningful conversation, a hearty laugh, or a new friend.

    Here are some reasons why speed dating might not work for some people:


    · People can get disappointed if they don’t find a good match and think that speed dating is a waste of time.

    · Too many options can be mind-boggling.

    · A significant part of speed dating relies on first impressions, which can be misleading.

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    2. Dating sites in Melbourne

    Besides any social singles event, Melbourne is also one of those cities where online dating is prevalent. There are tons of free dating sites Melbourne singles can join.

    If you are looking for online dating in Melbourne, one such site is WooPlus, which has taken the BBW community in the city by storm!

    Getting on board with a dating site is very simple. All you have to do is create a profile on the site or the application, plug in your personal details and a photo for identification. Once your profile is reviewed and verified, you enter the site’s dating pool. You are now free to check out other people’s profile photos, make matches and communicate.

    Let’s look at a few pros and cons of online dating in Melbourne:

    · First and foremost, it is very economical as basic features are primarily free across different dating sites.

    · Dating sites offer access to hundreds & thousands of potential dates. · Chances of finding the right person are exponentially increased as people are specific about their preferences and interests on the dating site.

    · Perfect for socially introverted and shy people

    · It is also quite efficient because you do not waste time on meaningless dates.


    · The chances of getting cat-fished through dating sites are pretty high. This is why WooPlus has a strict profile authentication process that filters out scammers and fake profiles.

    · It is difficult for online dating to online harassment

    · Online communication can lead to the formation of misled perceptions

    · Lack of matches can make people feel like dating sites are a waste of time


    There is one word to describe romantic opportunities in Melbourne- abundant. In this article, we have explored that dating in Melbourne indeed can be a rewarding experience. However, as the busyness of our daily lives sweeps us away, we barely have the time to dance with strangers at a nightclub or enjoy a meaningful conversation with someone over coffee. This is why online dating sites like WooPlus have gained traction, as they allow you to pursue your prospects of dating in Melbourne with convenience, affordability, and accessibility.