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    San Diego Personals- Meet & Date Local Singles With WooPlus

    by Ellie

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    Dating can sometimes feel like a struggle, especially in a dating scene like San Diego’s. With a not-so-honorary title of being America’s Laziest Dating city, San Diego has been tagged by the Great Love Debate podcast. It’s said San Deigo has an awful percentage of people willing to commit beyond temporary trysts. Perhaps, this has much to do with the ultra-laid back Cali vibe. The dating pool is even smaller if you do not have an eye strictly for surfers or yogis.

    However, finding love despite the typical San Diego dating travails is still feasible. Local singles are open to using less conventional methods to find potential partners. Thus, San Diego personals help people find relationships.

    You will find many dating sites in San Diego. But the most popular of them, especially for BBW singles, is WooPlus. A niche dating platform, WooPlus is one of the few personals in San Diego. And it aims at creating a positive dating experience for people looking for potential partners of all sizes. With over 6 million members and 50,000 daily active users, WooPlus is where people with bigger bodies can find genuine connections and long-term relationships. If you have had difficulties using Tinder San Diego, this is for you.

    Having facilitated over 3.5 million matches, WooPlus boasts a high success rate as one of the most used personals in San Diego. Reviews show a 91% chance of finding a quality match and a higher chance of getting a reply. This is largely because the community is niche and has a warm, regulated audience with detailed profiles.

    The community has members from age 18 to 65+, but millennials make the bulk, with 64% of its users ranging between ages 25-34. There are lots of men looking for BBW singles on the app. Although the gender proportion for male users is 72% and for females, 28%, women are still very active on the platform.

    How it Works


    If you want to find alternative Tinder San Diego or personals in San Diego, this process should be familiar. You will need an Apple ID or a Gmail account to join WooPlus, which helps strengthen the security checks to ensure the safety of its users. While creating your profile, you will take a fun personality test. You need to answer questions like “Old things I do” with options ranging from slim to supersized.

    You will also need to confirm your body shape, ethnicity, occupation, lifestyle habits, interests, and hobbies.

    Finding a Match

    Whether or not you are conversant with dating apps or personals in San Diego, using WooPlus is straightforward. Like Tinder, profiles appear one at a time, and you can like or dislike her/his profiles to potentially find a match. If someone you want to chat with, you can send a message for free! Also, WooPlus has an extra feature that allows you to have a public profile where you can upload images to a feed. This feature helps you expose to users that you have or haven’t matched with!


    The team behind WooPlus insists on creating a safe and comfortable space for singles looking to date. Every profile goes through an authentication process that deactivates fake profiles.

    Also, a strict policy exists against fat-shaming, of which a violation would lead to a permanent ban off the platform. You can also block your matches and share feedback as necessary.

    As an extra security check, WooPlus allows only a specific amount of sessions daily.


    Because of its safe and shame-free environment, WooPlus becomes one of the most used personals in San Diego for BBW singles. The quality of members makes it easy to find a relationship. Besides, users testify of finding long-lasting friendships and connections that have ended happily-ever-after.

    Where Do Singles Meet in San Diego?

    There are three ways to meet San Diego singles. Many people use tinder for dating in San Diego. But more prevalent are Craigslist personals, speed dating events, and a host of dating sites. If you are on the lookout, take a deep dive and see what other San Diego singles are doing to find a love match.

    Craigslist Personals in San Diego

    Craigslist personals have existed since 1995. Then, for twenty years, it has been a popular online destination that lots of people used to find new connections, however casual. For a long time, singles have used different personals in San Diego.

    Personals allow postings for platonic relationships and casual encounters. So, users can put in their requests as to what they are open to and match with willing people.

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    How it Works

    Initially tagged “erotic services” and renamed “adult services”, the Craigslist personals section made it possible for people to post their search for romance. Interested parties could respond to posts and pick up the conversation. However, since March 2018, Craigslist has brought down its personals section and replaced it with “Missed Connections”. It is a more regulated subdivision of the community. This feature gives people a second chance at connecting with people they crossed paths with but were unable to talk to. The real thrill is in the serendipity of it all. Take a long shot at a second opportunity to connect and listen to someone you fell in love with at first sight.

    Best For Local singles who have run into their ‘maybe’ loves but had no chance to speak with them. Using Craigslist personals in San Diego can spark a rematch.


    ● There are authentic, unique visitors whom you can match with by using Craigslist personals in San Diego.

    ● The backstories behind posts have a ‘real’ element that adds an extra touch of romance to interactions that swipe culture lacks.


    ● Compared to other Personals in San Diego, Craigslist is experiencing dwindling numbers, making the chances of you running into a ‘Missed Connection’ a little lower.

    Speed Dating San Diego

    If Craigslist personals in San Diego has not worked for you, or you would instead meet people face-to-face, then speed dating might just be your chance at meeting the one.

    Speed dating has become increasingly popular, as it is a perfect arrangement for local singles who would like to meet many new people in person.

    How it Works

    Speed dating events happen in a relaxed and friendly environment. You can find different people at events for speed dating San Diego, but some events fit for a specific set of people. The general idea is that you have a few minutes to speak with a person of choice, after which you will be required to change spots with someone and talk to someone else.

    Each person notes the names of people they would like to continue conversations with; at the end, the organizers look through to see the matches in the group. For people who pick each other, their contacts are shared, and they can then plan a date between themselves.

    Best For Singles who would prefer in-person meetings overusing personals in San Diego or people looking to meet a particular demographic.

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    ● Speed dating San Diego gives you the chance to meet with a large pool of people and connect through conversations in real-time

    ● There is no pressure to communicate with or exchange contact details out of politeness

    ● Speed dating is hassle-free and poses fewer security risks than online dating


    ● Time slots for speaking to each person are limited. You should allocate more time to connect with the person you are interested in.

    ● You may feel like you have been put on the spot, which can be a lot of pressure.

    Dating Sites San Diego

    Online dating can be daunting, but it has the largest pool of singles searching for new connections and compatible matches. As of 2021, there are over 30 million dating site users and more than 7,500 dating sites, with thousands of people swiping right all day. These sites are even more helpful due to the San Diego dating culture. Many locals are a little too attuned to hookup culture, which does not help long-term relationships. As such, people use sites like Tinder and Personals in San Diego to enhance the possibility of meeting someone with matching interests.

    How it Works

    Dating sites will require you to register and create a detailed profile. You can then fill in your interests and preferences, and most significantly, what you are searching for. Through compatibility matching, search features, and specific filters, these sites narrow down individuals who stand a chance at being your favorite pick.

    Best for Singles who are open to meeting people outside their physical space.


    ● Most online dating sites allow free membership. And for this, you can join multiple sites without feeling a financial strain.

    ● Some dating sites are curated explicitly to specific demographics, like professionals, an age range, or race.

    ● With many pools of users, you can largely find a partner using these dating sites and personals in San Diego.


    ● Some people put in false information on their profiles to seem more attractive

    ● Increased risk of scams and privacy concerns may be an issue with dating online.

    San Diego Dating Scenes

    The best part about living in San Diego is the countless places for singles to meet and have dates. You can walk down any street and find bars, restaurants, and cafes. If you have made a match using personals in San Diego, here are some great spots to have that date.

    During the day, many singles enjoy and lounge at Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Pacific Beach. Restaurants of choice include Prado, Cucina Urbana, False Idol, and Blue Boheme. For beer connoisseurs and people who like a drink or two, check out Barleymash, Thrusters Lounge, Double Deuce, and U-31.

    Dating in San Diego has its hurdles. However, putting yourself out there either through speed dating events or dating apps will help you find local singles looking for love. Also, using personals in San Diego yields a high rate of good matches.

    If you need to find a real connection, WooPlus is your space. The app is free to use, but a premium subscription betters your chances of finding your person.