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    New Study Shows British Women Prefer Plus Size Men to Be Their Sexual Partners

    by Ellie

    What’s the latest in the love life of most British women? Listen to this closely because here it is: “A shocking 38% of British women (eighteen years of age and over) say that they prefer overweight or plus size men as ideal pictures of their sexual partners.” Yes. You heard that absolutely right. This is way bigger than the 21% population of those ladies that said that they would still prefer men with muscly or athletic figures. But before you give your judgement on this revelation, you better read the rest of this post.

    This result is a product of a study commissioned by Dr. Darrel Freeman. He is the main man behind the website BigDudeClothing.co.uk, which focuses on plus-size apparels. When the entire number of respondents was asked to elaborate why they come up with such a choice, around 42% willingly gave their rationale. Most women said that plus size men lovers tend to be more sensitive and caring than men with beach body who are generally overly confident with their looks and therefore tend to demonstrate opposite attitude. They said that most overweight lovers have greater eagerness to please their partners than themselves. Another highly redundant view is that plus size men were more gentle and caring. While still another huge population of women said that these men were able to let them feel less conscious about their own bodies. Based on these statements, it can be viewed that most British women are still after the quality of romantic love rather than just the privilege of having a muscle guy to display and walk around with. Also, this implies that plus size British men are generally better when it comes to giving the most satisfying sexual encounters with women as compared to macho men. Whatever the real reason there may be, the results of the survey speak for itself.

    In an interview with the Metro UK, Freeman told that it seems like there is somewhat a chase trend for plus size body type going on amongst British ladies, which means that every woman tend to opt for plus size men as their ideal dating partners. With the findings in his study, this statement is right. In other words, stunning muscle bumps and perfectly-shaped manly figure is no longer the primary measure of a male’s sexual attractiveness. Being a muscle guy is not always everything in UK at least when you talk about factors that entice women to be taken out for a date.

    This study has proven one clear thing: the overall preferences of most British women when it comes to choosing their partners for bed actions have significantly evolved. Now, hard muscles are no longer a big deal especially if an overweight male is more capable of giving all the best care and attention for them as women.

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