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    10 Best Plus Size Date Night Outfit Ideas in 2024

    by Ellie

    Whether you are a BBW woman or not, picking the right plus size date night outfits for a date is crucial. Especially if it is the first date, that’s because, whatever you walk in, is the first impression you leave on your date. Imagine walking into a fancy hotel with flats and a casual polo shirt. That’s undoubtedly a recipe for disaster!

    For the sake of this article, we will focus on plus size date night outfits and give you a list of our Top 10 plus size date night looks. Each of them is tailored for a different season, a different time of date, and even a different date location. Before we dive in, let’s talk about what a tremendous plus-size date outfit looks like.

    Now, let’s dive into these 10 best plus-size date night outfits.

    10 Best Plus Size Date Night Outfits

    If you are looking for some incredible plus size date night outfits, you are in luck! We have compiled a list of some of the most timeless, stylish, and even glamorous date night outfit ideas.

    1. A ruby red dress – casual date night outfit

    ruby red dress- casual date night outfit

    Let’s begin with a classic- a little red dress! Red is a color that signifies power, passion, and sexuality. While there are many other eye-catching colors that you can pick from, nothing encapsulates the other person’s attention, like a red-toned dress. Wearing a universally strong and flattering color will make you feel confident, and you will be much more successful in trying to impress someone. When it comes to dresses, the shape of the dress is highly crucial. For plus-size women, wrap dresses and bodycon are great. They emphasize the curvy waist and make you look elongated. Plus-size ladies should never forget accessories when putting together plus-size date night outfits!

    Suggestion: Add metallic elements to your outfit by pairing it with gold or silver stilettos and a matching clutch bag.

    2. Crop top & pant set – summer date night outfit

    summer date night outfit

    Crop-tops are a plus-size lady’s Holy Grail item! Instead of hiding it behind the unnecessary fabric, they show off their beautiful curvaceous waist. While crop tops can be paired with shorts, we recommend going with a pair of flared pants or palazzo pants for that effortless and airy look. For summer-time plus size date night outfits, curvy women could not have a better option! As recommended before, prints are a big yes for plus-size ladies. Feel free to play around with them to create a matching printed cropped top and pants from big florals to geometric patterns and animal prints, a printed look that is an absolute treat for the eyes in summer.

    Suggestion: To glam up your look, pair it with some chunky jewelry and colorful mules that match the base color of your dress.

    3. A black midi dress – plus size dresses for restaurant date night

    black midi dress

    If you are dining out at an upscale restaurant tucked in Madison Park, you must wear something that fits the venue’s vibe well! A black midi dress with a plunging sensual neckline can do the trick! A midi dress is perfect for plus-size ladies as they elongate their bodies and make them look taller. The length of the dress will make you look sophisticated, while the low neckline will make you look sexy. It’s best not to add any statement pieces to your neckline so as not to draw away your date’s attention. Remember, less is more!

    Suggestion: Nothing beats a subtle monochromatic look. Pair this outfit with black strappy stilettos and a matching mini bag.

    4. Asymmetrical top with jeans – plus size first date night outfit

    Asymmetrical top with jeans

    First dates can be both exciting and equally nerve-wracking. It’s important to look sexy and stylish to leave an excellent first impression on your date while keeping a casual touch, so you don’t look like you are trying too hard! First plus size date night outfits, curvy ladies should stick to the staples for first date night outfits. An asymmetrical one-shoulder, strappy top paired with fitted jeans is just the right thing to capture that chic yet casual vibe. The top embodies the ’90s minimalism, while the jeans bring you back in time, making you look cool and contemporary.

    Suggestion: Opt for some statement gold jewelry like hoop earrings and a chain necklace to complete the outfit. Additionally, a dewy makeup look can give you a picture-perfect sleek finish.

    5. A belted sweater dress – plus size winter date night outfit

    plus size winter date night outfit

    Winter is all about layering. When the air gets chilly, we know it’s time to pull out our oversized woolly jackets, our huge trench coats, and some snuggly mufflers to pair with them. However, while sometimes too much fabric can protect you against the cold, it can make you look sloppy and unimpressive. When looking for a winter date night outfit plus size singles can always opt for a sweater dress. A comfy-cozy sweater dress is a perfect way to get dressed up while staying warm and looking casual and effortless. Solid colors like cognac, purple, and teal are the real winners when going for a sweater dress—paired with a metallic belted chain that hugs your waist instantly turns a plain sweater dress into a date-appropriate one.

    Suggestion: Suede or leather knee-high boots in black impeccably complement a sweater dress look. Don’t forget to add a matching crossbody bag to carry your winter essentials.

    6. A bodycon dress with a leather jacket – plus size fall date night outfit

    plus size fall date night outfit

    When it comes to dating, there is no season better than autumn. It’s not too cold, so you are not pulling your sleeves over your freezing, cold hands, and it’s not too hot that you are sweating through your outfit. Fall is more romantic than you think!

    When hunting for fall plus size date night outfits, curvy singles can summon autumnly romance with this ultra-chic combination of a bodycon dress and an edgy leather jacket. The tight-fitted dress makes sure that all the curves and grooves of your body are beautifully highlighted, while the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple for cooler weather conditions.

    Suggestion: Pair the outfit with ankle-high boots or clean white sneakers and complete the look with some nude, diffused makeup.

    7. A mini skirt with a button-down shirt – plus size spring date night outfit

    plus size spring date night outfit

    Spring is all about colors, and it’s truly the season that brings your wardrobe to life. When looking for spring plus size date night outfits, curvy ladies might have difficulty picking a fit and color. To that, we say, don’t fear! Pick bright, loud colors, and don’t shy away from big beautiful prints.

    A bright-colored, printed mini skirt paired with a solid-colored button-down shirt is the go-to dress for the ultimate spring date night. The bright hues of the skirt encapsulate the colors of spring, while the high cut will immediately draw your date’s attention toward your beautiful, curvy legs. Not to forget, the skirt will also make you look lean and tall.

    Suggestion: Complete the outfit with a pair of nude block heels, and don’t hold back on a bright, colorful makeup look.

    8. Pantsuits – plus size formal date night outfit

    plus size formal date night outfit

    Two-piece pantsuits are becoming increasingly popular as date night outfits. They work well for people who like to dress elegantly and cordially for date night and who prefer fine dining over drinks at a bar. However, just because you are clad in a pantsuit does not mean you have to look dull. When deciding on formal plus size date night outfits, BBW singles can always experiment with bright colors like this stunning lime green tone and opt for more casual fits like these loose-cut pants for a more date-like touch. If you are heading out to a right after work, pantsuits can be real, life-savers and we can’t thank them enough!

    Suggestion: Dial it down with some delicate glass heels and complete the look with bronzy makeup.

    9. A monochromatic jumpsuit – plus size movie date night outfit

    plus size movie date night outfit

    Jumpsuits are a plus-size woman’s best friend! They elongate your body and look stunning in general. Jumpsuits are the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort. When picking movie plus size date night outfits, you should focus on dressing casually and comfortably. Therefore jumpsuits are always a great choice- they are comfortable, easy to put on, and eliminate the number of choices you need to make in terms of the rest of the look. While bright, flashy colors make a significant style statement, it’s always better to opt for shades that go well with your skin tone.

    Suggestion: Pair it with metallic sandals and a rattan cross-body bag to complete the look

    10. Hot pink lace dress – plus size Valentine’s date night outfit

    plus size Valentine's date night outfit

    Valentine’s Day outfits are essential if you are going out for a fancy dinner or keeping it casual with drinks and dancing! You must opt for something that looks both classy and sexy at the same time. And most importantly something that would make you lucky by the end of the night! This hot pink, knee-length lace dress checks all the boxes and is definitely one of our favorites! When shopping for Valentine’s plus size date night outfits, ladies are often inclined towards picking red. However, a hot pink dress looks unique and contemporary. It will help you stand out from the crowd, while the plunging neckline will keep your date’s eyes on you!

    Suggestion: Pair this gorgeous lace dress with dusty pink peep-toe heels and a matching wristlet

    What Should I Wear for a Plus-size Date?

    When picking a plus-size date outfit, always go for something that would highlight your curves.

    Anything too tight can be discomforting, and anything too loose can completely obscure your figure. Stylish clothes like pencil skirts and tight-fitted pants can be very flattering. You can accentuate and flatter your shape by color blocking using complementary colors, going for a belted dress look, or high-waist pants with a crop top all the ways you can bring out the beauty of your waist.

    If it’s a plus-size first-date outfit you are going for, then you can always keep it subtle and casual with a monochromatic, solid-colored jumpsuit. However, if you are deep with a fourth or fifth date, it’s safe to go all out with big, bold prints and lots of gold-toned jewelry for that extra oomph!

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    Most importantly, when looking for a plus-size date outfit, don’t forget to consider the time, venue, and weather. For plus-size date night outfits, singles should wear something formal and sexy, while lunch dates require something casual, easy-going, and light-toned. Similarly, when opting for plus-size dresses for date nights in winter or fall, layering is a great option. In summer or spring, you can dress down to something short with lots of color and prints! Similarly, if you are going to a fancy restaurant, then an appropriate plus-size first date outfit would require the same amount of luxury, elegance, and maybe a little sparkle!

    What Causal Date Night Outfits Should a Plus Size Wear?

    When it comes to casual plus size date night outfits, ladies have tons of options! You want to make sure that your outfit looks relaxed effortless chic and stylish. As a plus-size woman, it is best to opt for black fitted pants as they can accentuate your body’s curves. This can be paired with a light-colored bodysuit, preferably something in mauve or cream-colored to give it a light touch. Lastly, you can layer up the bodysuit with an oversized blazer for the perfect balance between casual and couture.

    Another great plus-size date outfit for when you are going for a casual look is a crop top and jeans. While the latter is what keeps the look casual, the former shows off your waistline.

    Final Words

    The list of plus-size date night outfit looks is long, and we give you a sneak peek of it in this article. Surely, we hope that this list acts as a guide to help you pick the perfect plus-size date outfit or plus-size first date outfit. When looking for plus size date night outfits, curvy women should always go for outfits that accentuate their curves and highlight their best features. Most importantly, curvy women should never forget to wear their confidence!