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    Top 5 Best Plus Size Korean Models With Photos In 2023

    by Harold


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    Due to the increasing number of curvy people, there has been a growing demand for plus size fashion in Korea. Plus size Korean models are breaking stereotypes and inspiring women of all sizes to love and accept their bodies. And they are also working to change the way the fashion industry views plus size women.

    Plus size Korean models are all beautiful and confident. They are trying their best to promote body positivity and size inclusivity. Obviously, plus size Korean models are an inspiration to women of all sizes, and they are helping to change the way the world views beauty.

    Here, we list 5 plus size Korean models. All of them have challenged the traditional beauty standards in Korean society, which often prioritize slimness and conformity. These plus size Korean models have also helped to promote body positivity and self-acceptance.

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    #1 Ssun Biki

    Source: Instagram @ssunbiki

    Ssun Biki is a plus size Korean model who began her modeling career in 2016. She got inspired to pursue modeling after seeing a lack of representation for plus size women in the fashion industry.

    Ssun Biki became famous for the fullness her large weight gave her, as well as her large hips and round waist. Meanwhile, she is the winner of the Korean Maxim Natural Size Competition and one of the most famous plus-size models in Korea.

    Source: Instagram @ssunbiki

    As a plus-size Korean model, she does well in her work in promoting body positivity and size inclusivity. And she is also a social media influencer with over 497,000 followers on Instagram.

    Ssun BIki has since become a vocal advocate for body positivity and size inclusivity and has spoken out against the negative stereotypes that are often associated with plus size women. She has also encouraged women of all sizes to love and accept their bodies.

    Source: Instagram @ssunbiki

    #2 Oh Da Woon

    Source: Instagram @odw_00

    When Oh Da Woon was young, she was a singer. However, due to her chubby figure, she gradually became less confident. When she grew up, she realized that she could be a plus size Korean model, so that she can break all stereotypes.

    Source: Instagram @odw_00

    Oh Da Woon considered that she could make those who are chubby feel more confident, able to wear beautiful clothes, and even make clothes in different sizes.

    Oh Da Woon is definitely a great example of how through hard work, dedication and not letting your dreams sink, you can achieve everything you want in life. There is no doubt that Oh Da Woon caused a huge sensation in the fashion world.

    Source: Instagram @odw_00

    #3 Taylor Tak

    Source: Taylor Tak

    Taylor Tak is a plus size Korean model who is breaking down barriers in the fashion industry and has a confident attitude.

    Taylor Tak began her modeling career in 2017 after being scouted by a modeling agency in Sydney. She quickly gained popularity in the Australian fashion scene.

    Source: Taylor Tak

    Taylor Tak is also a vocal advocate for body diversity and body positivity. She is a regular contributor to body-positive magazines and websites, and she uses her platform to encourage women to love and accept their bodies.

    Meanwhile, Taylor Tak is a strong supporter of the plus size Korean modeling industry. And she is working to change the way that plus size models are represented in the media.

    Source: Taylor Tak

    #4 Kim Gee Yang

    Source: Instagram @plussize

    Kim Gee Yang is the first plus size Korean model to be featured in ELLE, challenging strict beauty standards. She is the plus size Korean model who helped to redefine beauty standards in Korea.

    Source: Instagram @plussize

    Kim Gee Yang has been an advocate of accepting your body and size for a long time, which mainly helped those who lack confidence in their curvy figure. She even started her own online fashion store, which was designed for big beautiful women so that curvy women can also find suitable clothes.

    In a country like South Korea, where the average weight is low, Kim Gee Yang defied conventional prejudices and what she wanted to do is make curvy women feel pretty and love themselves.

    Source: Instagram @plussize

    #5 Ah Seung Yeon

    Source: Instagram @aky__life

    Ah Seung Yeon is a rising young plus size Korean model from South Korea.

    Ah Seung Yeon’s popularity is linked to her fashion sense and personal charm. She is very active on social media and has attracted a large number of followers by sharing her daily life and fashion outfits.

    In addition, she has also shown her outstanding modeling qualities at large fashion events such as Korea Fashion Week. And she has won recognition and praise from the fashion industry.

    Source: Instagram @aky__life

    Meanwhile, Ah Seung Yeon has worked on photoshoots for fashion magazines, advertisements, and collaborations with various brands and has become one of the stars of the Korean modeling industry, winning wide attention and support due to her sweet image and energetic personality.

    She is well-known in the plus-size Korean modeling industry. Here she has gained a huge following of fans who love her unique style.

    Source: Instagram @aky__life


    In conclusion, the rise of plus size Korean models has been a long-overdue and much-needed change in the country’s fashion industry. By embracing body positivity and inclusivity, these models are consistently breaking down stereotypes and inspiring people of all sizes to love and celebrate their bodies.

    It is a sign that the world is slowly becoming more accepting of all body types. And, it is a sign that the fashion industry is slowly becoming more inclusive. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, we can only hope that plus size Korean models will continue to be an integral part of it, paving the way for a more diverse and accepting society.

    Q1: Are there plus size models in Korea?

    Plus-size models in Korean are breaking down stereotypes about beauty and body size by challenging the unrealistic beauty standards that have long been perpetuated by the fashion industry.

    They are also inspiring people to celebrate their bodies, regardless of societal expectations or norms.

    Moreover, by promoting a positive body image, plus size Korean models are helping to reduce body shaming and bullying, and encouraging greater acceptance and inclusivity in Korean society.

    Q2: What are the benefits of having more plus size models in the media?

    Plus-size Korean models can help promote body positivity by showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and by challenging unrealistic beauty standards which lead to body shaming and self-esteem issues.

    Additionally, having more plus size Korean models in the media can help to increase the representation of plus size people in society. Actually, this is important because it can help to break down stereotypes about plus size people and make them feel more included.

    Q3: Do plus-size Korean models have good husbands?

    It is not possible to say whether or not plus-size Korean models have good husbands. There is no data on this topic, and it is likely that the answer varies from person to person.

    Some plus size Korean models may have good husbands, while others may not. There are many factors that can contribute to a happy marriage, and body size is only one of them.

    Everyone is different, and what works for one couple may not work for another.