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    16 Famous Plus Size Male Models Worth Knowing in 2024

    by Ellie

    In today’s society, plus size male models gradually become popular. So many people have asked questions about the figures of plus size male models, and how it is represented. Does it always need to mean low body fat and chiseled abs? What about plus-size men who are just as stunning and beautiful? There should be a place for men who look comfortable, free, and at total ease with themselves and their bodies.

    Well, looking into the world of plus size male models, it’s now obvious that male beauty goes beyond slim looks. Models like Zach Miko and other big and tall or overweight male models are bringing their message of body positivity to the mainstream. Consequently, they own millions of appreciative and loyal fans.

    With their unique physique, these plus size male models have not only impressed countless fans, but they’ve also used it to their advantage in their careers. Below we will talk about the climate of male models today. It involved its future and 16 of the most famous plus size male models you should know.

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    Are There Plus Size Male Models?

    Although still not as popular in magazines and television, some great plus size male models are making things happen. Their numbers continue to increase every day. And more people are beginning to see some positive sides to being “Plus-Size”. In fact, certain roles in movies and TV shows have been excellently delivered by these overweight male models.

    Zack Miko and other great male models have drawn the attention of top brands and big eCommerce sites. Now some of them are used as plus size male underwear models, helping overweight men see the elegance and sophistication of underwear and other products.

    The Change of Modeling Agencies

    Modeling agencies are also rising to the reality of a new world, increasing their signing of the big and tall guys in the industry. One of the most well-known plus-size male model agencies is IMG, and Brawn is their division. The men who are paradigm-shifting the way we think of big and tall male models and overweight male models allow men worldwide to feel the means to be finally seen in a world where they have been supposed underrepresented and invisible for a long time. Although IMG isn’t solely a plus-size male model agency, rather, it’s a modeling agency for all shapes and sizes of models. In fact, it’s virtually the biggest modeling agency in the world today. Besides, its efforts in signing more Plus-Size male models have significantly helped to reflect reality.

    You might have wondered, why are there more plus-size female models than males in the industry, and what is driving that trend. One main reason may be the kind of stores and clothing that dominate the female fashion industry versus the male. Women’s clothing and even plus-size specific stores such as Torrid and Lane Bryant are trendy. Plus-size women have a wide variety of clothing available to help them accentuate the attractive parts of their figure.

    On the other hand, men’s specialty stores are not nearly as trendy. You will find very few men and women who think of big and tall stores for men as hip and forward-thinking. And since there aren’t as many products available, plus size male models tend to be less used for commercials.

    Plus-Size Male Models Are Less than Female Models

    Compared with mainstream male models, specifically big and tall, there is also a large gap between what the industry says they are catering to and what they are showing in advertisements. An example of this was Nordstrom’s ‘Big and Tall’ range. While catering to taller men with larger waist sizes, this is a category that Zach Miko fits into perfectly. However, they still use images of men with perfectly chiseled abs to sell clothes. The lack of representation did not go unnoticed by the public.

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    Why Do We Need Plus Size Male Models?

    1. Same Feeling

    In a world increasingly inundated with altered social media posts full of filters and apps that can drastically edit someone’s face and body. So, it is crucial to have representation so that both men and women can see a broader range of bodies. When people see plus size male models being able to manage and carry their bodies well, it makes accepting and acknowledging the beauty of big makes even easier. This means seeing more of them on catwalks, advertisements, and websites on which we do most shopping for ourselves and family members.

    The need for representation must reflect who we are in the real world and what we see as normal, attractive, and handsome male bodies. In 2021, the average American man 20 years old and up is 69 inches tall and has an average waist circumference of 40.9 inches. The contrasting average male model in 2020 had a height between 71- 75 inches and a waist measurement of 29-32 inches. These stark contrasts make it evident that we need real men with real measurements in the modeling industry. In other words, we need plus size male models in our world to help us accept reality.

    2. Aesthetic Diversity

    There is a crucial need for aesthetic diversity in the modeling world. Both men and women in the generations coming up are no longer satisfied with seeing representations that do not like what they see in the mirror. The ‘perfect man’ look is not what it used to look like for so many generations of women and men. The quintessential Prince Charming is not ideal anymore. Even the conventional notion of the Mediterranean as “tall, dark, and handsome” is now more closely scrutinized. Models are no longer chosen or loved based on slimness and biceps, a major reason why plus size male models are just as valued as their counterparts.

    Body positivity has been a buzzword in social media for quite some time. It is no longer a buzzword. It has become a movement, a way of thinking, and a form of self-care. Savage Fenty male and Plus-Size male underwear models are leaders in this movement that has caught fire in the modeling industry. The 2020 models for the groundbreaking Rihanna-led brand went viral when they first hit the catwalk. They challenged what the world was used to seeing as male underwear models. People went crazy over it. Male fans shared that seeing their representation in the Fenty show made them feel confident, sexy, and emotional.

    3. Model Agency

    A big question is if there is a thriving market for models from a plus-size male model agency in today’s society. The answer is an emphatic yes! A wonderful example is Bridge. They started representing plus-size men back in 2016 and that segment now accounts for as much of the business as the women’s market does. They use various plus size male models to represent their brand and promote their products.

    As of present, the agency has a New York office that focuses exclusively on male models, including plus size male models. The men’s market has been around for less than a decade and the women’s market has been around for 30 years. That the demand is now 50/50 shows that the market is alive, well, and thriving. Thank goodness for that.

    How Much Does A Plus Size Male Model Make?

    As with female and male models of different sizes, a plus-size model’s salary can vary by quite a bit. This depends on each model’s popularity, the shows and shoots the book, and the area of the world in which they tend to work. In the United States, the Plus Size model yearly salaries tend to range from $10,060 and up to $181,237. The average plus-size model earns $32,786 a year.

    Some famous plus size male models may make much more than $181,237. The same applies to female models too. Modeling is generally a freelancing gig, so forecasting actual salary depends on two factors: one is the number of clients a model works with. Then the other is the regularity of modeling work that the client contracts you for. Additionally, the kind of client a plus-size male model works for can make a huge difference in his earnings. Top companies and eCommerce websites are often able to pay their plus size male models well because they have enough money. And they are also usually ready to promote their business.

    16 Most Famous Plus Size Male Models

    Zach Miko – When it comes to male models, Zach Miko comes second to none. He is also a man who has broken modeling barriers through hard work. He was IMG’s first-ever Plus-Size male model and has consistently stolen the limelight in the industry.

    plus size male model zach

     Ady Del Valle – Co-author of The Other F Word: A Celebration of the Fat & Fierce. He’s also the founder of Latinx and the first Plus-Size male model to feature in a fashion editorial magazine spread.

    ady del valle

    Brett Morse – Ranked 8th in the world in 2013, Brett is a British athlete who competes in the discus throw. He is a Plus-Size model who also has a degree in sports management from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

    brett morseoly

    Raul Samuel – Talk about diversity in men’s modeling and Samuel’s name comes to mind. More than just talking about diversity, Samuel uses the tools at his disposal to show how hot and charming Plus-Size men can look.

    charming plus size man

    Tevin “Milo” Evans – popularly known as the model and host of broke and privileged, Evans is a stylist. Furthermore, he is also a model who has been praised for encouraging self-love and self-acceptance.

    popular plus size male model

    Darnel Grhamm – Besides being a big and tall model, Darnel is an entrepreneur and a lover of good eats.

    big and tall model darnel

    Rasheed Yusuff – Being a Qatari handball player for both Al Sadd and the Qatari national team. Besides, Rasheed is a successful handball goalkeeper. He is also a member of the 2018 Asian Games and won gold medals in Jarkata. He is about 1.89m tall and a strong advocate for positivity and love.

    ray richard

    Alex Frankel – Alex is the first big and tall model to shoot with Lululemon Wilhelmina. He’s an opera singer and a Plus-Size actor living in the USA.

    alexfrankel the lionhaired

    Nemar Parchment – One of the latest Plus-Size men models to join IMG Models’ Brawn division. He is popular for his street style and for helping other models using his career.

    nemar parchment

    Steven Martin – A successful Plus-Size model who has been in the industry for about three years. Through martial arts and bodybuilding, he was able to transform his once-thin physique into a big and attractive look.

    steven martinez

    Matt Wirken – He’s a professional rugby player who was signed by the New England Free Jacks. He played for the 2021 Major League Rugby season and hails from Kansas City, Missouri. When he’s not playing rugby, he’s modeling for top brands in the Plus-Size industry.

    plus-size model

    Joel Davis – He is widely known for his immense contribution towards ending sexual violence, especially with his foundation Youth To End Sexual Violence.

    davis joel

    Peter Meyer – An actor, a model, and a best-selling author of The Boy from the Wild. He also has other nonfiction books and has directed several movies.

    peter meyerhoff

    Ben Whit – Talk about the UK’s first Plus-Size male model and you’ll find Ben Whit on top of the list. From a normal working-class man, Ben became a household name and Britain’s first brawn model.

    ben whit

    Hunter Westfall – Being a former college athlete Westfall has built a successful career around fitness training and modeling. He’s the Co-owner of PrimeTime Performance and a happy family man.

    hunter westfall

    Cristian Paris – Apart from his big and tall physique, Cristian has brown hair and natural-colored eyes, which makes him super hot and a perfect Plus-Size male model.

    perfect plus-size male model


    The above 16 plus size male models are just some of the amazing individuals who are breaking barriers. And they also show the world that the perfect man does not have to come in a package with the perfect physique. Along with curvy and plus size women models, these gentlemen are helping some men feel comfortable and sexy in their skin. Make sure to check them all out on social media and see what we mean. You won’t even think about what makes them Plus-Size male models. You will simply see amazing models with great attitudes. And They are changing stereotypes photos, posts, and advertising campaigns at a time. With represents like them, male models are moving in the right direction.