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    Pandemic and Searching for Love: How to Date Online?

    by Ellie

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives around the world. For anyone single, this is bound to have upset your dating plans. So, how do you move forward with quarantine dating during social distancing measures and lockdowns in place? Our article has the answers you need on dating in a pandemic!

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    Like many of us, you probably went into 2020 with big plans. You were going to put yourself out there, get on the dating scene, subscribe to the best dating sites you could find, and say “yes” to new experiences. The rapid onset of the global pandemic took most people completely by surprise and turned lives upside down – possibly for good.

    Amid the chaos, it can feel as though dating has suddenly become impossible. However, emerging data suggests that people are finding love just as, if not more, often during the pandemic. So, what reasons might there be for this and, if you’re currently single, how can you embrace quarantine dating? Our guide investigates to give you some quarantine dating advice!

    Life in Slow Motion

    The pre-pandemic single life felt like a whirlwind. With so many dating apps demanding our attention, so many people to meet and places to go, it’s amazing any of us could focus on one thing for long. With strict quarantine measures in place, and orders to venture out as little as possible, many people have experienced a drastic lifestyle slowdown.

    While this takes some adapting too, psychologists feel that, when it comes to dating, it may have some advantages. Despite the mental health problems associated with loneliness, having time to stop and think can often do us some good. Those who are single during quarantine may find that social isolation allows them to think more carefully about what they want from a relationship.

    Self-Exploration and Discovery

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    Spending prolonged time alone can be a period of self-exploration. Maybe we realize we couldn’t commit to getting to know one person with so many options available and so much socializing to do? Maybe we would date someone and then pull away, knowing we could easily find someone else online?

    The restrictions of quarantine dating also mean that, instead of skipping straight to physical stuff, you’re forced to slow down and talk to your date. Conversations on the phone or via Zoom can lead to deeper connections long term as you’re focusing, rather than only bringing half your awareness to your date. This slowdown allows couples to get to know each other in an intense way, as many of us have more free time to spend on dating.

    A New Sense of Perspective

    Crisis often shows us what we’re made of, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been a psychological emergency on a global level. Enormous lifestyle shifts can help us evaluate our lives and relationships – something that is vital for emotional growth. However, you process change, the realization that life is short, and that everything can change in an instant can bring a sense of clarity. For many of us, the pandemic has given us time to question our priorities. We may be inspired to seize the day and ask out someone we meet on a quarantine dating site, rather than letting lack of confidence or indecision get to us.

    Quarantine Dating Virtual Date Night Ideas

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    While we’ve covered some theoretical reasons why quarantine dating might be more mindful or satisfying than dating in regular life, the logistics still remain tricky. After all, how do you get to know someone when you can’t meet face to face? When do you decide to meet up in person? Check out these quarantine dating tips for some pointers:

    • Have Some Online Fun – Having a virtual heart to heart is great, but you don’t have to limit yourselves to conversation alone! After all, if you were dating normally, you’d probably work some fun activities into your dates. An online game or watching a film together can help break the ice and take the pressure off when meeting someone new.
    • Keep Regular Contact – In isolation, new couples should try to arrange regular virtual check-ins. Building up a connection online can be tough and having long breaks between speaking can exacerbate this. This is also a good tip for those quarantine dating long distances.
    • Embrace the Awkward – Quarantine dating is weird. Face masks, hand washing, contact anxiety. Try to have a laugh about it with your date. Some cheesy jokes or cheeky quarantine dating puns are sure to lighten the mood.
    • Decide When to Meet in-Person – You’ve done the (apparently) impossible! You’ve met someone you really click with through quarantine dating! Deciding when to meet-up can be challenging. One of you may live or work with vulnerable people, or be vulnerable themselves, and not want to take any chances. Have an honest conversation with each other about this, and only go with what makes you comfortable. If you plan to go on dating after quarantine, there’s no rush to meet.

    Quarantine dating is probably not what any of us imagined ourselves doing in 2020. But the search for love is always a risk. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and get on the dating scene today!

    Final Call

    Are you single and living in quarantine? Have you met a partner through dating online? Maybe you’ve been on loads of virtual dates or are dating distantly? Share your love stories with us via Instagram!