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    Responses to Study “Plus Size Models in Advertising Promoting Obesity”

    by Becky

    Recently, a new study from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business offers a buzz topic for social media users. “The increasing use of plus-sized models in advertising campaigns may be contributing to growing rates of obesity.” this study suggests. Then instantly, this research has been reported by quite a few main medias. Ok, let’s look at what are the responses from common people for this “interesting” study.

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    The Co-author shares the purpose of this plus size model related study is that they hope marketers can use models with healthy weight so that people will not pay attention to the body size. As for this statement, we have some questions to ask.

    Question 1: What is healthy weight? People over size 12 is unhealthy?
    To be honest, we think there is not an accurate healthy weight that is universal to everyone. Different people have different digestive systems. Some people will gain weight even she just eat a small piece of cake at noon while some others will not gain weight even she had a big pizza at night. You can hardly change that.

    Question 2: Why does this study send us a message that plus size models do not need to work out to keep a nice & healthy body image?
    Plus size models also need to do much exercise to maintain a nice body shape, no less than these Victoria angels. Just like we always said, we may be “fat”, but we are never lazy.

    Question 3: Why do we have to refrain our attention from body size?
    A society that embraces body diversity means a world where we can all appreciate and feel comfortable with our own body no matter what size it is. It does not mean that we do not care about the body size. Actually we care. We thought plus size body type is beautiful.

    Question 4: Why not mention the positive effects these plus size models have made on common plus size people?
    Everything has two sides. And our wisdom should lie on how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Don’t you know that many people have been inspired by the stories of plus size models, like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham? These models help big girls and guys re-build self-esteem and become more comfortable with their own body. And life is short. Why should we waste our time fighting with unnecessary self struggles?

    Hope these experts involved in this study can offer some answers for our questions. Thanks in advance.

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