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    A Sequel to Tess Holliday(beauty standard) WooPlus Launches A Happy Campaign

    by Ellie

    plus size body positive


    Tess Holliday wearing “the Strawberry Dress” made on the worst dress list while skinny people wore it on TikTok then it became a viral sensation.  It just highlighted how problematic the standards of beauty still dominates our society.

    And WooPlus knows it too well – people of size are ignored, overlooked, and treated unfairly.
    In a very recent poll from the App’s 2000 users, 62.7% reported that they have body-shamed, got negative comments either online or IRL.
    One user *Cartoonforever shared a similar sentiment: “This has happened to me most of my life. Because of this repeated incident, it’s left me traumatized.”
    One male user *Hakenkreuz shared: “That really upsets me I hate how society tries to degrade and devalue plus-sized or curvy women.”

    Inspired by an impressive piece of artist @hannah_alexander_artwork, WooPlus initiates a new #WearWhatMakesYouHappy campaign, echo Tess’ #effyourbeautystandards movement, to shatter the double standards, and show that beauty isn’t about size.

    Partnering with curvy influencers – combined millions of followers, WooPlus is to call out everyone to join this conversation, to come forward, blaring up the volume to shift the narrative and made this community visible.
    Macro influencer Lauren (@amouredelavie) shared her voice: “Curvier women get treated differently. There are many double standards. As a public figure, I receive hate like anyone else but I choose to embrace myself!”

    Neil Raman, founder and CEO of WooPlus commented: “As the dating app also an inclusive lifestyle choice for curvy people to feel attractive, confident, and loved for who they are, WooPlus has long been at the forefront of change. How wonderful it’ll be if our society could forge ahead into appreciating all diverse bodies, make progress in its representation of body shape and size.”

    WooPlus will giveaway $250 Dress Fund to invite spreading this simple yet important message about embracing your body, enjoying your life, and being loved as you are.

    Many curvy influencers have already joined this #WearWhatMakesYouHappy effort.

    Join NOW!

    *Names have been changed.