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    #SexyForAll: Dear Society, We Do Not Need Anyone’s Permission to Be Sexy

    by Becky

    In May 2016, plus-size model Tess Holliday’s bikini photo was removed by Facebook MISTAKENLY. In June 2016, plus-size blogger Aarti Olivia’s bikini photo was removed by Instagram – also owned by Facebook – ACCIDENTLY. In August 2016, plus-size lingerie brand Curvy Kate’s body-positive ad was removed by Facebook again with exactly the same excuse. Although Facebook did send its “apologies” to us each time, to be honest,as a community, we can no longer accept them as if nothing happened. That is why we has joined forces with others plus-size group, Big Girl Swag on Point and BBW Suicide Girls to create the #SexyForAll Movement, with the aim of sending a message to the whole society that WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION TO BE SEXY.

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    Michelle, co-founder of WooPlus, explained that, “The whole #SexyForAll idea actually comes from a feedback that we got from one of our members. She told us that she never wore a sexy bikini or lingerie before because she was scared to be seen as a sexless lump or a fetish object. And she is not the only case. We once took a survey among hundreds of our female members and 54% of them admitted that they have never tried a two-piece before.”

    She went on to say, “So we believe we have the need to do something to inspire big girls who are struggling with full body love. They need examples. So you may now imagine how frustrated we were when we saw the sexy photos from body-positive warriors being removed by social giants again and again.”

    And apparently, we are not alone in this thinking. After WooPlus shared #SexyForAll with other great plus size communities, Big Girl Swag on Point and BBW Suicide Girls, they immediately decided to join this body-positive movement.

    “It will surely uplift many big girls during their body-love journeys and this is also a good start to let the whole society respect our rights that have been ignored for years.”said Felicia, the girl behind Facebook page Big Girl Swag on Point.

    We plan to extend the invitation to #SexyForAll Movement to more plus-size communities, and together we can tell the world that we do not need anyone’s permission to be sexy, with our own voices!

    How do you feel about the #SexyForAll movement? Please tell us your thoughts with us on social using hashtag #SexyForAll.

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