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    What Is Speed Dating and How to Find Speed Dating Near You

    by Ellie

    Speed dating, also known as fast dating, has become very popular in the United States and other countries for single individuals who are busy at work. If you still have no idea about it or never tried it, you can read this article, we will give a deep insight into it and teach you how to find speed dating events near you.

    What Is Speed Dating?

    Speed dating is a type of dating that allows you to quickly and directly meet and match with others. Compared to traditional dating, it can be faster and more relaxed. Moreover, it provides more opportunities to meet people.

    Speed dating usually involves hosting events offline, where single people sign up to participate. It has been quickly accepted by people who have been busy with work for a long time and haven’t found love yet. This fresh opportunity and a way to meet new friends makes it very popular worldwide.

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    You can now find many speed dating events whether you live in the United States, the UK, or Canada. Some events require participants to truthfully state their own situation such as age, education, religious beliefs, and your requirements for an ideal partner when registering for speed dating. The organizers can arrange dates to meet your requirements, increasing the success rate. Additionally, there are also speed dating events aimed at particular groups, such as LGBT people, polyamorists, and Christians.

    The Benefits of Speed Dating

    meet more singles in speed dating

    Speed dating offers a number of advantages that make it an appealing option for modern singles looking to meet new people. The benefits include:

    1. Efficiency and Novelty

    It allows for a quick and direct way to meet a large number of people in a short time, providing a fresh experience for those seeking new relationships.

    2. Simplicity and Affordability

    The formalized process of speed dating is both easy to navigate and cost-effective compared with traditional dating, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

    3. Safety and Flexibility

    Participants can meet and interact with others in a safe environment. Besides, you can simply move on after a brief conversation if she/he has no attractiveness to you.

    4. Inclusivity and Openness

    Speed dating is inclusive. It is well-suited for people with busy lifestyles, helping them to expand their social circles within the constraints of their time.

    How to Find Speed Dating Near You

    If you want to join a speed dating event in your area, you can directly do a Google search for “speed dating near me” or speed dating + [your location], such as “speed dating Los Angeles”. You will see the events available and then contact the organizer for details.

    Additionally, remember to select an event that meets your age preference or theme. For example, there are some speed dating events for older retired people, LGBT people, etc.

    How to Join Speed Dating Online?

    If you prefer to find a way to join speed dating online instead of meeting people in person, some dating apps provide online speed dating as well.

    1. WooPlus Spark Dating

    WooPlus, the best dating app for BBW and their admires, offers a speed dating feature called Spark Dating. By setting up your preferences such as age, and location ahead of time, WooPlus helps you find a match while his/her information is hidden. And then a speed dating game hosted by AI gives you the opportunity to know your match and unlock the profile. You can ask or pick preset questions in the game to learn if he/she’s attractive to you.

    2. Bumble Speed Dating

    The speed dating game within the Bumble app is available every Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm in your time zone. It allows you to be randomly matched with another person who meets your preference looking for a date. You can talk to them for a maximum of three minutes, then you’ll meet the next person. Similarly, you can’t see the user’s profile while you’re messaging, which helps you focus on the conversation.

    3. POF NextDate

    NextDate is a speed dating game available on the POF live streaming feature. When you “Go Live” and start the NextDate game, you can ask prompted questions to your matches. And then have a private video chat with those whose answers satisfy you. Besides, other members can see when you’re live and add themselves to your NextDate queue to start a speed date with you.