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    Stone-Cold Fox Tess Holliday Stresses Her Opinion on “Plus-size” Label Again

    by Becky

    Tess Holliday
    Image Source: Facebook / Tess Holliday

    Are you ashamed and afraid to face the crowd because you belong to the so-called plus-size people? Well, there is nothing to worry about becoming a plus-size model as what Tess Holiday stresses.  You need not be afraid or ashamed with such kind of physique. Tess Holiday is one of the highly renowned plus size models that sign a major and widely known modeling contract that expresses her confidence to belong to those plus sized women.

    The Immediate Rise of the Plus-Size Models
    Most of the commonly chosen models of different brands of accessories, clothing and all other garments are sexy, slim and fit.  This is the reason why most of those plus-size women are really hesitant to pursue their modeling career since they knew that they will not meet the modeling standards.  Well, your expanding waistline is not anymore a big deal anymore as what Tess Holiday showed to all the people. She is a 5’5 size and 22 year old model of the People Magazine who showed her courage despite of the plus-size features she has.

    Tess Holiday emphasizes that it really doesn’t matter how fat you are or why are you so fat. Women deserve to be treated with optimum respect. They also do have the right to exist despite of their fat bodies without bullying, shame, stigma as well as oppression. Thus, it is completely ok for women to be a model even if they are fat. Yes, even if you weight huge amount of pounds, yet it is 100% completely ok for you to look fat. Nobody needs other people justifications, encouragement as well as permission to live with the type of body they have.

    Tess Holiday as She Promote Obese, Fat and Plus Size Models
    Being a model, you don’t need to be sexy, slim and fit just to let other people that you are healthy depending on your size. There are also unhealthy people who are slim, sexy and fit for many reasons.  You don’t need to drop the plus just to let people know that you are healthy since there are lots of barometers that could measure how healthy you are.  Tess Holiday doesn’t completely agree that fat people should not become a role model due to the wrong misconceptions of others that they are unhealthy because of their size.

    People who believes that fat people are always engaged in unhealthy practices and behaviors doesn’t justify that they can’t pursue their dreams. Plus-sized models can be renowned due to their achievements, appreciation of their talents and making them as role models of other’s accomplishments.

    If you are plus-sized women who also wanted to keep track of the same modeling career of Tess Holiday, then this is not too late for you to do so. Tess Holiday really showed her courage and confidence to all the people who are afraid to face the crowd because of their size. Make Tess Holiday be your inspiration and motivation towards accomplishing your dreams in life.  Knowing the perspective and opinion of Tess Holiday, you can already determine that being a plus-size model is entirely and completely okay.

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