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    The Fat Jew is Changing the Way the World Sees Male Models

    by Ellie

    Plus-size model Josh Ostrovsky, who also goes by the name of The Fat Jew(Follow him on Twitter), has become a social media celebrity owing to the humorous content he has been posting on site like Instagram and Twitter. Besides establishing a generous fan following on social media with his humorous streak, Ostrovsky is also an actor, rapper, writer and radio jockey. The man claims to have found his love for donning different hats and carved a niche for himself in various creative fields.

    Ostrovsky shot to fame owing to his eccentricity. He started out by hosting a talk show involving celebrities for E! Channel. In the initial phase of his career, The Fat Jew was member of Team Facelift, a genre-bending rap band. During his stint in the music industry, he also tried his hand at hosting several raucous live shows. In 2010, he bid goodbye to his music career and turned to plus-size modeling( Know more issues about plus size models). He later found his feet in the world of comedy. In addition to enjoying a sizeable following on social media, the American comedian also contributes to various mainstream television humor shows and also hosts the radio show Money, Pizza, Respect for Apple Music Beats 1. In 2015, he launched his own brand of wine known as the White Girl Rosé and is currently working on a book.

    Recently, Ostrovsky found himself in the eye of a controversy when comedians and artistes from across the world accused him of indulging in blatant plagiarism while posting humorous content on social media sites, Instagram in particular(Click here to see news about him on Instagram). However, the comedian has trashed all claims of having indulged in any intentional wrong-doings. In an exclusive interaction with the Vulture, he clarified saying that though he would have liked to give due credit for every single social media post, it is sometimes difficult to trace a piece of content to its original user given the vastness the internet. He, however, conceded that he should have refrained from posting content without appropriate attribution in the first place.

    With his multi-faceted personality and humorous streak, Josh Ostrovsky has changed the way the world perceives plus-size male models. He has proved that as long as you are comfortable in your own skin and wear your confidence on your sleeve, size is just a number. Today, The Fat Jew is winning many a heart with his talent and stellar performances, and his plus-size body has not once proved to be a stumbling block in his success story.