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    The Secrets of Happy Plus-Size Women

    by Ellie

    Gone are the days when plus size women loathed themselves because of their body size. A majority of today’s curvy women are bold, ever-smiling, and lead happier lives. You can find them everywhere, including top dating sites where they are confident about finding love. These are ladies that gave societal expectations of being size zero the middle finger and decided to live their lives in the best way they deem fit.

    Sadly, there are still many plus-size women who would rather not get out of the house because they feel like they don’t meet the “accepted standards of beauty” and everyone is judging them for their size. If you are one of them, there is no reason to live like this. You can stop feeling miserable all the time and join the team of plus-size women who appreciate their bodies and are living life to the fullest! Read on to discover some of the secrets of happy plus-size women to know which ones to pick to significantly transform your life!

    Happy plus size women

    Being a Strong Advocate for Your Body

    The number one secret of happy plus-size women is genuinely accepting their body sizes. It has everything to do with plus-size women forgetting about the numbers on the weighing scale and being comfortable in their skin. While this may be tough primarily because of societal expectations, it’s still possible. What’s more, there are so many examples of gorgeous and badass plus-size women! Ashley Graham, Tyra Banks, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, Megan Trainor, and so many more! Understand that learning to appreciate and value your body takes time. Initially, plus-size women can find this pretty overwhelming.

    Taking small steps to appreciate your body will finally give you the results you desire. Start by picking one thing you love about your body daily.  Follow this up by looking in the mirror and repeating positive body affirmations such as I am wonderful, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I respect and honor my body, amongst others. It can also help to read inspirational plus-size women quotes to help boost your confidence.  When dressing up, ensure you have fabulous plus-size women’s outerwear, as this will make you feel better. Within no time, you will be one of the plus-size women oozing with confidence as you start seeing all the ways that you are beautiful.

    Carefully Choosing Your Social Circles

    The people plus-size women associate with can add or subtract their happiness. You need to instantly cut off anyone within your social circles who makes fun of plus-size women or makes you feel bad about your body. As a curvy woman, your close friends should be people who uplift you and only want what’s best for you. Keep in mind that having the wrong friends can destroy or even kill you. Erin Michos, M.D, a cardiologist at John Hopkins, says that numerous studies agree that being in a toxic relationship can put your heart at risk.

    So, the next time Jane asks if you will finish a cupcake, know it’s time to cut off that fake friendship to protect your health. You would rather spend quality time with people who talk about the most important things in life rather than diets and physical flaws.

    Dating Right

    Happy plus size women

    Another aspect that keeps a plus-size lady happy is dating right. Many plus-size women are afraid to go out there and find love because they think that no one will find them desirable. There is no truth in this statement. Many curvy ladies are in happy and fulfilling relationships. Plus-size dating is just like any other type of dating.

    All you have to do is make sure you find someone who loves plus-size women and will not want you to change to make them happy. You can explore various platforms to find your significant other, including online dating apps and websites. To increase your chances of finding the “one” work on your plus-size women dating profile. Only provide factual information and real pictures to avoid sending the wrong message. You can research what type of dress is best for plus size for your pictures to stand out.

    Remember to have tons of fun in your dating life. You will meet some interesting characters that you would rather never see again. There’s also the possibility of meeting someone amazing to share your life with.

    Doing What You Love  

    Doing what you love in various aspects of your life is another example of the secrets of happy plus-size women. Many plus-size women agree that it’s fulfilling to pursue the things that set your soul on fire. This is because you will not be doing this for fame, money, or even status. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of discipline and courage for plus-size women to do the things they love. It also does not mean that you will avoid doing the things that you have to do.

    You must, however, be committed to making the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are spending most of your time doing the things you love. For instance, if you are into fashion, invest time and resources to offer practical solutions to anyone wondering how to dress as a plus-size lady, or maybe you can even make your own designs and outfits: plus size women’s outerwear, shirts, underwear – whatever you wish! You can find that you may even start something new that will allow you to leave your stressful 9-5 job. This will give you the flexibility to concentrate on something that will not only make you happy but bring in good money as well. It can also be your little contribution to making plus-size women happier.

    Staying Stylish

    Almost all plus-size women will agree that dressing well makes them feel good, confident, and beautiful. It’s primarily because clothes act as your second skin. Dressing right can make a huge difference in how plus-size women feel.  It’s no wonder dopamine dressing is a fashion trend that will not fade away soon. Plus-size women should not throw on the first outfit they see or opt for uncomfortable fits that are not trendy or stylish because they are afraid of the size of their bodies. There is plenty of head-turning plus-size women’s clothing that you can choose from to feel like the queen you are each time you step out of the door.

    Living a Life of Gratitude

    Grateful people are generally happier individuals than the ones who always complain. Plus-size women should make it their life mission to be always thankful. Leading a grateful life does not mean you have everything figured out. It simply means that you focus on what you have as you work towards having the things you want. Gratitude is associated with improved health, well-being, and tons of positivity. You can practice gratitude in numerous forms.

    A great place for plus-size women to start is having a gratitude journal where you can document everything you are grateful for. Be sure to include everything from the things you think are tiny to the huge ones. Expressing thankfulness ultimately increases your level of happiness. It will help you lead a successful life as you always celebrate the plus-size woman within.

    Working Out

    Exercising is another secret of happy plus-size women. Studies confirm that working out even for a few minutes a day has a huge impact on your happiness. People do not only exercise to lose weight. Plus-size women can adapt health-related fitness goals instead of the ones related to size.

    You can enjoy other benefits of working out like helping you relax, increasing brain power, and enhancing body image among others. Working out has also been known to increase the production of endorphins, which make everyone including plus-size women feel happier even with no physical changes. You do not even have to do anything strenuous or expensive like joining a gym. Walking, dancing, and taking the stairs are examples of workout regimens plus-size women can take advantage of to have fun and reap the perks that come with exercising.

    Focusing on Strengths

    Constantly chasing your weaknesses can be very frustrating for plus-size women. You will notice that many do not focus too much on what they cannot do. Instead, they focus all their energies on the things that they are good at. Focusing on your strengths is one of the best ways to lead a fulfilling life. After all, no one is perfect, and one person cannot be good at everything.

    Thankfully, focusing on strengths can open up unimaginable opportunities for plus-size women. It is a great way to not only increase happiness but become less frustrated, feel more balanced and accomplished. It’s also important to be open to learning new things, especially with technology changes. It is something that can help plus-size women identify the areas they are good at and the ones to avoid.

    Getting Enough Sleep 

    A few plus-size women are unhappy because they spend many hours at night tossing and turning instead of getting quality sleep. Good sleep is the key to resting well and waking up refreshed ready to face the day. When you sleep well, your body is also able to repair itself as it recovers from the day- that is what will help you stay focused and become more productive.

    Sleep-deprived people tend to become more prone and sensitive to negative emotions like anger and fear. If you have trouble sleeping, there are plenty of resources online that can help ensure you get the right amount of sleep. Purchasing cute plus-size women’s full slips can make you feel sexier as you sleep to get in a good night’s rest.

    Spending Quality Time with Loved Ones

    Research reveals that spending time with the people you love is beneficial and can make you happier. This is why social time is one of the secrets of happy plus-size women. It is important to invest in your relationships if you want to live a long and happy life.

    You need to plan meet-ups with people they love often! Organize out-of-town trips or simple eat-outs where you rock a stunning plus-size women’s evening wear and just have the time of your life. And of course, remember to choose your friends carefully. You do not want to be hanging out with people who will make you question a body-positive attitude.

    Spending Your Money Wisely

    There is a huge misconception that the more money plus-size women spend the happier they become. It can be a dangerous trend especially if you are spending money you do not have. This is a move that can plunge people into debt which will result in a miserable life. To be among the happy plus-size women, you need to be careful about how you spend your resources.

    If you feel like you do not have enough cash it is better to try and find ways to increase your earnings so that you can afford the things you want. Some people are especially known to overspend when it comes to buying clothes. But remember that you can still be a beautiful plus-size woman in a dress, wearing affordable outfits. There is no need to go overboard. Scout for sales so that it can help you save some money!

    Be Kind

    Kindness is another secret ingredient for happy plus-size women. There is a lot of joy that comes with helping others, and it does not even have to be monetary assistance. Something as simple as spending time with the elderly when they are feeling lonely can leave you feeling all warm inside.

    So aim to spend at least one or two hours every week assisting someone. You will find that your happiness jar will continue to fill up. It is especially best if you can help someone you know who cannot repay the kindness that you extend. You will end up enriching your life in numerous ways simply by extending a helping hand. Can you imagine how the world would be if everyone lived in kindness?

    Closing Remarks

    There are tons of secrets of happy plus-size women. And how you look must never determine your value and how much you enjoy life!  We trust that you can pick several from the ones we have discussed above to change your life for the best. 

    So, do you have any other plus-size woman questions or advice you have, especially in regards to increasing levels of happiness? Then feel free to share them with us in the comment section!  

    Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.