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    Valerie Sagun – Most Inspiring Plus-Size Yogi who Inspires Many People

    by Ellie

    plus size yoga-mindfulness
    Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

    Valerie Sagun is gaining fame by changing the way people perceive both beauty and yoga. A native of San Francisco, she has uploaded numerous pictures of herself performing an array of impressive yoga movements.

    While there are countless other women who have also posted pictures of themselves performing yoga, Valerie Sagun is unique as she is a plus size girl.(Click here to know more plus size girls.) Her Instagram account has continued to grow and today has more than 70,000 fans.( Follow her on Instagram.)

    Despite being larger than many other women who perform yoga, Valerie Sagun has demonstrated that she is just as flexible, as well as capable. She has uploaded photos which feature her performing handstands and other complex yoga techniques. However, the key thing that makes Valerie Sagun different from other women who post yoga photos on Instagram is that she is also a teacher.

    A Teacher Who Makes a Difference

    With each movement she performs, Valerie Sagun carefully explains her techniques. Whether you’re a beginner to the art of yoga or an advanced yogi who has trained for years, her instructional videos have something for everyone. Even better, she also posts videos and images which highlight the struggles she has faced as a plus sized woman, particularly in an art which favors slimmer females.

    Valerie Sagun wants both her fans and anyone interested in her work to know that they should not be afraid of studying yoga through someone who looks different from them. She highlights the fact that everyone has an issue with their body, whether they’re plus size or not, and that it is best to accept who you are and learn to love yourself.

    Valerie Sagun begin her training in yoga while studying at a local university a few years ago. Since that time she has become a freelance practitioner, performing regular sessions in her home. She also performs in parks and in a studio, gradually awakening the public to the idea of a plus sized woman not only performing yoga, but teaching it. She has referred to her work as her personal journey, and through the power of the Internet and social media, she is taking the world by storm.

    A Social Media Icon to Boot as Well

    Valerie Sagun plans to travel to Sedona, Arizona, where she will attend courses designed to train yoga teachers. She has created an online donation drive to raise funds for this trip, which will cover her tuition costs along with her housing. With her growing Instagram fan base, she is getting all the help she needs, and more.

    A True Inspiration

    She has demonstrated that you can be successful while being different, and she is challenging the perception of how women are seen in both yoga and other fitness related fields. Her courage, hard work and confidence will no doubt open doors for other plus sized models who are looking to enter fitness related fields, but who may be intimidated due to social prejudices regarding beauty as well as their own self-conscious. Her story is one that should be a source of inspiration for us all.(Know more about things giving plus size people confidence.)