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    What is SSBBW? Top 3 SSBBW Dating Sites in 2024

    by Ellie

    What does SSBBW stand for?

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    The acronym ‘SSBBW’ has been buzzing through the dating world for quite some time now. If you are into women who are ‘thick’, you probably already know what it means. However, if you are unfamiliar with this popular euphemism, SSBBW‘ stands for a super-sized big beautiful woman.

    To qualify as an SSBBW, a woman must weigh more than 350 lbs. Otherwise, she is more appropriately termed as a ‘BBW’, which stands for a big beautiful woman. The slang term SSBBW has originated from BBW itself. The main term BBW, in turn, finds its roots in the famous BBW magazine and has been around since the late 1970s.

    The hashtag SSBBW has come a long way from being flooded on adult video sites and being scandalized as a male fetish to becoming a centerpiece of the body inclusivity movement. SSBBW Dating has become all the rage, as the Power of the Plus is getting recognized and appreciated. Dating sites are teaming up with SSBBW singles for those who like their women Big and Beautiful!

    What’s the difference between BBW and SSBBW?

    “BBW” stands for “Big Beautiful Women,” and “SSBBW” stands for “Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women.” While both terms describe women with larger body sizes, “SSBBW” is often used to emphasize a more significant level of body size or weight within the category of larger women.

    bbw vs ssbbw
    • BBW generally covers a range of body sizes that are larger than average but not necessarily extremely so.
    • SSBBW specifically addresses women with more substantial proportions, highlighting a greater emphasis on size.

    Both terms promote self-love, body confidence, and empowerment for women of all sizes. SSBBW provides a unique platform for women who identify with a more extensive and robust body type, encouraging their empowerment.

    Do men really like SSBBW?

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    Attraction is subjective, and every man might seek something entirely different in their romantic partner. The same rule applies when it comes to SSBBW dating and SSBBW singles. However, there is no doubt that men do like big booty judges! According to a survey conducted by the British magazine on its readers aged 18-35 years, most of them responded in the affirmative when asked if they prefer a plus-size woman.

    With fat-shaming being more openly and generously condemned, the community of SSBBW is growing remarkably. Men are swiping right on SSBBW singles because they are fun to talk to, and they are more open-minded about what to do on dates besides the plain ol’ dinner & movies. However, besides social acceptance, a major part of a male’s attraction is pure science! Here’s how:

    Firstly, men like plus-size women because of their curves. The male brain is wired to perceive curves in a woman as a source of pleasure, from the voluptuous breasts to the curvaceous hips. To confirm this, a study conducted in the US showed 25-year-old men photographs of curvy women, and their brains instantly registered a pleasure response similar to if they had alcohol or were high on drugs.

    If you are still not convinced that SSBBW dating is for you, remember that A-listers like Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, and Hugh Jackman are all parked in the XXL lane!

    Why is using a dating site better for SSBBW?

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    Although we have come far from the days of blatant fat-shaming, if you are an SSBBW single, dating is not always all fun and games for you. Whether you are a Latina SSBBW or an Asian SSBBW, people will frequently look at you differently in various social settings.

    You know how painful it was to be the fat girl in your friend’s group at high school? That’s how it can be for an SSBBW in a nightclub. Many SSBBW singles are either still shy or running low on self-esteem and refuse to put themselves out there because of the looming fear of rejection. Others feel like men will take advantage of them because they do not have a lot to offer. Having said that, there are a lot of other avenues that are currently quite popular in the SSBBW dating market. For instance, singles meet-ups and speed dating. Such events put all like-minded SSBBW lovers in one place, and the company sucks out any awkwardness that a one-on-one meet-up can induce.

    However, the best form of SSBBW dating has been dating sites. Put together the perks of plus-sized dating with the benefits of dating apps, and you have a killer combination. There are many reasons why dating sites have been so successful for SSBBW singles. Let’s look at a few:

    · Online dating eliminates the hazard of surprise. Both parties know exactly what the other person looks like, they have been talking to one another frequently, so they do not risk judgment or rejection. As a plus-sized person meeting new people can be a daunting experience. You might be constantly nervous about what the other person will think when they see you or that you might get stood up!

    · If you meet someone through a dating site and have been honest about your profile details. It removes the anxiety of thinking that the other person might be judging your weight. They are there because they are okay with it!

    · There are tons of dating sites available designed specifically for plus-sized singles. Not being on one as an SSBBW single seems like a real waste!

    · Dedicated pus-sized dating apps make SBBWW women feel recognized and seen. Just the right ego boost they need to uplift their self-confidence!

    · Dating sites help filter out perverts and fetishists. This is because you learn a lot about the person before you meet them and have an idea about their intentions.

    · Dating sites yield more accurate, more successful matches. Imagine wasting your time, your expensive makeup, and that cute black dress on a guy at the bar who keeps eyeing your curvy body in a judgmental manner.

    · Dating sites open up a large pool of potential romantic partners- and that too the right people who believe that a woman’s waistline, just like her age, is only a number!

    More and More SSBBW dating sites are rolling out, and the number of SSBBW singles signing up at these sites is going up by the day. The ‘Fat and Fugly’ is now the ‘Big and Beautiful!’.

    But how should one pick from all the SSBBW dating sites available to join? What SSBBW dating site works best in terms of success score, accessibility, and affordability? To help you decide, we have put together a list of the top 3 most popular SSBBW dating sites. Let’s dive in!

    1. WooPlus

    the wooplus bbw dating site

    By far, the best online site for SSBBW dating is WooPlus. It has been designed specifically for plus-sized women and men and their beloved admirers. If you are a true curve chaser looking for a premium dating experience at insanely low prices, then WooPlus is your go-to dating site. Here’s why WooPlus is so good for SSBBW singles:

    · WooPlus aims to create a safe space for the BBW and SSBBW communities. Keeping that on the agenda, it has adopted a strict, no-tolerance policy towards body shamers. Each profile undergoes a rigorous checking process to fish out the scammers for authenticity.

    · The WooPlus site is incredibly interactive. You can set your own pace by adopting different forms of communication, from poking to liking and commenting on pictures, sharing your activity in the Moments tab and even sending presents to other users.

    · One of the greatest things about WooPlus is that many premium features are free. If you sign up, you have nothing to lose.

    · Another cool feature is the location-based search. All you have to do is turn on your GPS. And then the site automatically fills your search engine with local singles in your neighborhood. No more typing ‘Latina SSBBW’ to get in touch with Latina SSBBWs in your area. The site does all the work for you!

    2. OneBBW

    one bbw
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    Another great dating site for plus-sized women and those who admire them is OneBBW. The site accommodates a large audience, from anyone who is a little curvy to the SSBBW community. The best part is the OneBBW mobile application that allows you to meet, hook up, and date while on the go! There are different forms of communication on the site, including the flirt, direct messages in the chat room, mail, and even profile previews. The only major drawback of this site is that no proof of identity verification is required upon registration, raising serious concerns about user protection.

    3. LargeFriends

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    LargeFriends is a great option for both SSBBW and BHM (Big Handsome Men). The site has an impressive success score of 90% and is perfect for deep, intimate connections and long-term relationships. This means that if you are looking for a casual encounter, then you might want to steer clear of LargeFriends. LargeFriends currently has a large (no pun intended!) community of dedicated users who communicate with one another through winking, liking photos, sending messages, and posting on the LargeFriends blog.

    The site does have a few drawbacks, like very few features offered in the free version and unresponsive customer support.


    Everyone is bound by their personal preferences regarding who they want to pick up at a bar, and who they want to take on a romantic date. And also people who they want to end up with for the rest of their lives. Luckily for many SSBBW dating has become an excellent dating preference. However, this does not mean that it’s always entirely easy from getting in touch with SSBBW singles to fishing out the real ones from the creeps. That is why dating sites like WooPlus are here to help. It is easy, accessible, and completely safe!

    It’s time to woo through WooPlus!