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    Niki & Nathan: “We decided to get married online”

    by Ellie

    Recently, our team had the distinct pleasure of hearing another story about one of the many journeys to love that happened on WooPlus:

    Hi there! My name is Niki and last year I almost gave up on finding love. Yet by some freak coincidence, on your app, I found my husband all the way in America! I had filtered out people further then 50km. Further then that was way to far for me. I just really didn’t want the hassle! But one day, I was looking at the ‘moments’ section on the app and came across a tiny picture of someone that liked another persons Daily Selfies. Well, this guy looked mighty fine! So of cours I wanted to see more and maybe read a little bit of what he had to say on his profile. I did what any woman would do and clicked on his picture. Man, he had the kindest eyes I had ever seen and the brightest smile! I was so in armored by him, that without thinking or really reading much else about him, I liked is profile. I didn’t expect anything to come out of it and I wasn’t really on the app that much anymore, so I forgot about it and a couple days later, I was actually ready to just delete the app altogether. The day I wanted to do so though, I thought; “let me check my messages before I delete everything“, and it’s a good thing I did, because there he was, Regis Nathaniel South!

    We started talking on October 15th last year and never stopped. A simple “hi there!” changed everything. When I found out he lived in California, I didn’t even care. I thought what the hell, a pen pall in the US. But little did I know! We truly hit it of right away and from the first moment we actually saw each other live on video chat, we both knew we were IT for each other. We were both just done. Since that day, we‘ve been obsessed with each other. We would literally video call for hours on end, take each other everywhere, introduce each other to families and friends and it was perfect! Not one day has gone buy without us speaking.

    But since we met during quarantine, we couldn’t see one another in person for dates, so we had to be super creative! We would have ridiculously cute movie nights, where the movie would and up watching us or being paused after 20min because we had so much to say to each other. We would go on walks together and have dinner dates where he would cook for me or order food to the house for me. He even took me out for a super romantic dinner date at the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday and had the servers sing happy birthday to the phone for me! All of it was incredible!! Yet at a certain point, we just really wanted to see one another in person.

    We wanted to finally be able to hold each other, but me being from the Netherlands, unfortunately I haven’t been allowed to set foot in the US for about a year and a half now. At first he was allowed to come here for ‘work’, but about seven days before he was supposed to fly out, they changed the rules here too and his ticket needed to be canceled. We were devastated. We were looking for any loophole we could find to be able to be together, but nothing would work. Everywhere we thought of going to meet up, ended up going back in lock down right before we booked our tickets. We were both so disappointed and were getting so frustrated and angry about the whole thing. It was all just so heartbreaking.

    One day Nathan was venting to a colleague about our situation and the colleague suggested we go to Cancun, because he had just come from there with his family. Well, of course, we looked into it right away! We called all three embassy’s, the US embassy, the Mexican and the Dutch embassy, just to be sure. We were super thorough, ‘cause we didn’t want any last-minute disappointments anymore. We weren’t gonna be able to handle it. With a lot of hassle and craziness from my end, we ended up meeting up in Mexico City before going to Cancun together and it was amazing!! Finally we were both able to breath!! Being in Cancun, we knew we didn’t want to be separated like we’ve been again. And we definitely did not want to be dependent on the government to know if we could go see each other or not.

    So since you can do anything online now a days and of course we started out that way, we decided to get married online on our last day there, in our Airbnb with our family and friends joining in from overseas. It was so intimate, romantic and just perfect! And less then a month later Nathan joined me here in the Netherlands! He got to stay a little over four weeks and went back to the US to get his affairs in order, but on the 23th of this month, my husband is going to be joining me again and is now going to be staying!! He already got his citizenship and everything! So in less then a week, we are going to be able to finally start our lives together.

    Thank you so much WooPlus, without you guys, I would never ‘ve found my forever! And we are forever grateful!! All my love, Niki.

    Let’s all give our best wishes to Niki and Nathan.❤️