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    3 Best Places to Meet and Date Berlin Singles in 2023

    by Ellie

    dating in Berlin-where to meet berlin singles
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    Berlin is an open and wild city where you will find many opportunities to meet local singles and date them. The Berlin dating culture is modern and casual. This is why you will not find much criticism when going on single-speed Berlin dating events.

    Besides that, you may use the best dating apps Berlin offers to meet local singles. If you are wondering about the places to meet and date singles in Berlin, you have come to the right post. Below is all the information you require.

    WooPlus: The Best Dating App/Site to Meet Berlin Singles in 2022

    dating in berlin with WooPlus

    WooPlus is the best dating app in Germany that can help you meet local singles. The key feature of this Berlin dating app is that it is designed for plus-sized individuals. However, you can also meet regular singles here because of the high number of users.

    Age Distribution On WooPlus

    The age distribution is a key thing to understand when learning more about the best dating apps Berlin offers. This is why there is a table to help you understand the audience of WooPlus:

    As you can see, WooPlus has the highest percentage in the young adult category. This is one of the top reasons why WooPlus is considered amongst the best dating apps Berlin has. So you can easily find a suitable partner to eliminate your loneliness on WooPlus.

    The best part is that the platform has an active audience of 88%. This means you can easily get a reply from a person you are interested in. WooPlus is a safe Berlin dating app.

    Male To Female Ratio On WooPlus

    There are 69% women on WooPlus and 32% men. This is why it is one of the best dating sites Germany offers to males. If you are a man, you have a higher chance of finding an excellent partner at this app.

    However, you should not get discouraged due to the low percentage of men. This is because it is rising with time and so you can easily find the right person as a female.

    Success Rate On WooPlus

    This Berlin dating app has a reply rate of 89% and 88% of the audience is active on this platform. Thus, it is one of the reasons why WooPlus is one of the best dating sites Germany offers. A key thing to note is that the success rate of this Berlin dating app is also high.WooPlus is the best dating app in Germany because it considers curvy people. In 2020, the reports of this site showed a 110% rise in users because of the pandemic. This increase is the reason why WooPlus is considered the best dating app in Germany.

    The platform has more than 6 million users because of its high success rate. One of the top things about WooPlus is that the site is secure and offers a safe space for single men and women. Because of this, you will rarely come across fake profiles on WooPlus.

    Where Do Singles Meet in Berlin?

    Have you ever wondered where you can meet a gorgeous single woman or a handsome man in Berlin? If so, you no longer have to. Here is what you need to know about the best Berlin dating places to meet local singles.

    Where Can I Pick Up Girls In Berlin?

    dating in Berlin-where to meet berlin bbw singles
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    Males in Berlin are plenty, straightforward, and committed to dating. In 2020, there were 49.3% single men in Berlin and this percentage has most likely increased. This is why there are many places from where you can pick up girls and date.

    If you are a single man in Berlin, you don’t have to worry much when looking to meet local singles. You can find girls at bars, clubs, and other places. However, the best place that will help you find a suitable girl is a Berlin singles party. Here is what you need to know about it.

    Berlin Singles Party

    A singles party is an excellent way to meet single women and find someone with a similar personality as yours. One of the top things about the Berlin dating culture is that it is open and widespread. Not only that, but women also find Berlin singles party events safe because of a targeted crowd.

    At a Berlin singles party, you will come across serious women who want to get into a relationship. Besides that, the success rate of finding a partner at single-speed Berlin events or other parties is high. This is why you should try out this method if you’re looking to meet local singles.


    · Easy way to find a committed partner

    · Good for long-term and short-term relationships

    · Singles party will help you leave your comfort zone

    · The event can be fun

    · Attending a party can help you feel less lonely

    · You don’t have to worry about entrance fees at most events


    · Some people are still apprehensive of attending single speed Berlin events and parties

    · The location may not be your favorite

    · Food is not good at most times

    · You may encounter a desperate partner

    · A Berlin dating app is more reliable than a party

    Three Berlin Single Parties You Can Try

    Are you ready to enter the Berlin dating culture by going to a singles party? If so, here are the three top ones that you should be aware of:

    · A meetup.com party – The platform is one of the best dating sites Germany has to offer. You can find posts of various regular parties and go to one to meet a local single girl.

    · Love In Berlin – This is a standup comedy show that takes place every Friday in Berlin. The best part about this singles party is that you can find a safe partner here.

    · Berlin Speed Dating – Are you afraid of going out because of the pandemic. If so, this regular virtual speed dating party in Berlin is your top way to find a single girl safely.

    The top reason to go to a singles party is that you can find meet various girls in one place. This means that there is a higher chance of finding someone that meets your ideal traits.

    Where Can I Meet Men In Berlin?

    dating in Berlin-where to meet berlin bbw singles
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    Single females in Berlin are more in quantity because it is difficult to find age-appropriate men in this city. For instance, there were 50.7% single women in Germany. So if you are a girl, you should expect serious competition when looking for singles in Berlin.

    However, there is good news if you are a woman in the Berlin singles category. You can find a partner easily if you go to the right places. These include clubs, parties, and other events. The top way you can meet a man is by going to a Berlin singles bar.

    Berlin Singles Bars

    There are plenty of Berlin singles bars filled with men searching for reliable partners. The best part is that you will come across people interested in casual and serious dating. This means you can easily find the right person for your needs.

    Another great thing about going to a singles bar is that you can enjoy the lively atmosphere. Besides that, there is no entrance fee for entering such a place. However, you should note that there are no guarantees that you will find a suitable partner at Berlin singles bars.


    · You can easily change positions if the guy you meet does not match your ideal traits

    · There is less pressure when meeting a man in a Berlin singles bar

    · Best for casual and serious relationships

    · Safe because of high security

    · You can enjoy great drinks even if you don’t find a suitable man


    · You can overdrink and embarrass yourself

    · The guy may not be reliable

    · Married men mostly look for girls in bars so you may come across one

    · Not as reliable as best dating sites Germany offers

    Three Berlin Singles Bars You Can Try

    If you want to try your luck of finding a suitable man in a Berlin singles bar, worry no more. Here are the three places you can try:

    · Muschi Obermaier – Best for offering a good environment to engage with others

    · Hildegard Bar – Top place if you want to enjoy sophisticated interior, excellent cocktails, and meet working men

    · Kallasch& – You can enjoy live music, quiz nights, and much more while searching for a single man

    These Berlin singles bars offer a secure environment and excellent drinks for an enjoyable experience. The best part is that you can meet sophisticated men and young individuals at these places.

    Final Words

    This is everything you need to know about the best places to meet and date Berlin singles. And there are different ways to pick girls and engage with men in this capital German city. However, the best option for you is to use a dating site.

    WooPlus is the best dating site in Berlin because of its high success rate and good age distribution ratio. If you are a young female or male, this app can help you get a suitable partner with ease. So be sure to check it out.