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    Dating in Seattle: The Ultimate Guide to Meet Local Singles in 2023

    by Ellie

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    Is Seattle a good city for singles?

    Thinking of dating in Seattle? Well, you might want to think again!

    A leading dating show and podcast, the Great Love Debate has named Seattle “America’s Worst City to Find Love.”

    It was the data and opinions of more than 92,000 singles who attended the show for 5 years, as well as thousands of other people who took dating advice from the podcast who helped determine dating in Seattle to be an absolute disaster.

    But why is the Seattle dating scene frustrating, exhausting, and straight-up abysmal?

    Well, the answer lies in something dating experts call the Seattle Freeze.

    The Seattle Freeze

    It is a social phenomenon observed in Seattle singles, in which they find it difficult to make new friends and often stick with their old, familiar acquaintances. For example, you walk in a bar in Seattle and you will hardly see a man hitting on a girl who is probably way out of his league or a girl subtly slipping her phone number in a man’s shirt pocket. Forget love, dating in Seattle is so sad that even a one-night stand is hard to find.

    It must be noted that local Seattle men are more responsible for the ‘freeze’ than are the Seattle girls. They are socially awkward, under-confident, and just plain dull. Recent research on Seattle dating has revealed that men sent a significantly smaller number of messages than women. Lack of initiative? A huge turn-off!

    · Seattle male to female ratio

    Another major factor that makes dating in Seattle so unpleasant is the huge gap in the male to female ratio. Talk about local singles and there are twice as many men as there are women. In other words, piece that with the standoffish nature of Seattle men and viola! Seattle girls are in for a nightmare!

    Where do singles meet in Seattle?

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    By now we know that the Seattle dating scene isn’t the most promising and unless Cupid has a magic wand, nothing can make local Seattle men more confident or Seattle girls more in number.

    So where exactly do local singles meet to try their luck?

    From bars & nightclubs to networking events and even dating apps, there are quite a few opportunities for Seattle singles to mingle. Let’s look at a few:

    5 best ways to meet local singles and date in Seattle

    • Seattle Online Dating—The Best Way to Date Local Singles

    The one thing Seattle is known for and is good at is technology. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that it is also used in dating. There are lots of free local dating sites and apps that Seattle singles can join. For example, online dating has emerged as one of the best ways to date local singles in Seattle- thanks to tech freaks and social dummies!

    · Pros of online dating in Seattle

    – Access to thousands of potential dates. The more the merrier!

    -Shy and socially awkward? Easier to talk through a screen than in person

    -Budget-friendly as lots of free local dating sites are out there

    -Opportunity to meet the ‘right one,’ as people are more specific about what they are looking for

    – Saves tons of time. No more dressing up for an endless string of meaningless dates.

    · Cons of online dating in Seattle

    – Fake profiles and catfishing is a real problem

    – Watch out for online harassment

    – Seattle men suck at messaging. They could ruin online interactions on dating sites, too.

    – Too many choices can be confusing. It’s like window-shopping endlessly instead of buying anything

    seattle dating-where do I meet seattle singles
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    • Speed Dating Seattle — The Most Popular Way

    For speed dating, Seattle is at the top of its game. It’s a great way to break the ice where one of the two genders is certifiably ‘awkward.’

    · Pros of Speed Dating Seattle

    – Efficient. Meet lots of people in a short time

    -Dates can be scary, however, the company can make you feel safe

    -You do not necessarily have to match with someone. So no pressure!

    – It’s fun!

    · Cons of Speed Dating Seattle

    – Too many choices, too little time

    -Didn’t match? Seems like a bit of a waste!

    -Speed dating depends on first impressions but first impressions also can be misleading

    If speed dating does not work for you, then there are a lot of other networking events that you can hop onto to start dating in Seattle. This could be anything from book readings, to art workshops, late-night karaoke and, even video game arenas.

    • Nightclubs & Bars in Seattle — The Old School Way

    Buying a girl a free drink to get her attention, trying to talk to one another over the noise of the music, or simply dancing the night away- some of the best Seattle date ideas are still packed in nightclubs and bars.

    · Pros:

    – It’s simply a lot of fun! You get to dress up and drink the night away

    -Perfect for flings, and one-night stands if you are dating in Seattle

    -Lots of people to hook up with

    – Is the date not going too well? Just bail!

    · Cons:

    -Picking up random people at a local Seattle bar can be dangerous and terrifying

    -You can go from ‘cute & tipsy’ to throwing up on the bathroom floor pretty quick

    -Lesser chances of a long-term relationship

    • Stand-up Comedy in Seattle — The Fun Way

    Dating in Seattle is hard, but let’s look for a good laugh! On the list of Seattle date ideas, a stand-up comedy show is a great option.

    · Pros:

    – Great alternative to watching a movie

    -Laughter is the best antidote. Even bad stand-up can be enjoyable.

    -Perfect if your date has a sense of humor

    -Involves lots of drinking

    · Cons:

    – A disaster if your date does not have a sense of humor

    -Not the best idea for a first date, since you won’t get the time to talk

    • Gyms in Seattle — The Healthy Way

    Before you start booing, consider this-why do so many people end up dating their work colleagues? Because they see them every day! When it comes to dating in Seattle (or even elsewhere), that is the strategic advantage that gyms offer. Whether it’s the new girl that just joined the gym or the hot instructor who has been training you for quite some time, working out increases your chances of landing a great date.

    · Pros:

    -Fitness first! Looking good when you are single is a huge plus point

    -Convenient & Accessible

    -Great for a long-term commitment

    · Cons:

    -In case you break up, one of you will have to change your gym

    -Dating prospects might interfere with your workout

    WooPlus: The best local dating site in Seattle

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    Have a hard time dating in Seattle? It’s time for you to join WooPlus!

    WooPlus is a free-of-cost, highly interactive dating app that is perfect for young singles, especially plus-sized ones. Compared with other free local dating sites, WooPlus is the best way to start meeting singles and dating in Seattle. Here’s how we know why:

    The table above shows, the different ratings that the platform has scored in terms of affordability, user-friendliness and success rate, etc. An overall score of 9.0 out of 10.0 indicates that WooPlus is one of the leading players in the dating app market.

    WooPlus currently has an impressive database of 6 million users and it even keeps growing: Here’s why you need to be on WooPlus if you are planning on dating in Seattle:

    · Male to Female Ratio on WooPlus

    28% of people on WooPlus are women while 72% of them are men. Remember how we talked about Seattle men largely outnumbering Seattle girls? Well, the percentages above resonate well with Seattle’s statistics and take advantage of them.

    · Age distribution on WooPlus

    The great thing about WooPlus is that it is designed to cater to people both in their 20s and their 30s. In other words, it is made for those who are looking for a casual affair, as well as those who might be into some serious, long-term stuff. WooPlus truly is an all-rounded matchmaker!

    · Success Rate on WooPlus:

    With over 27 million quality matches, WooPlus has an impressive success rate. And according to Dating Ranking, this is equivalent to 91% of successful matches.

    dating in seattle with wooplus

    Need more reasons to be on WooPlus, if you are dating in Seattle?

    · WooPlus is specifically designed for plus-sized singles and does not tolerate discrimination towards any individual- thin or thick

    · WooPlus offers tons of free features, for example: sign up, search filters and, liking & commenting on pictures

    · Absolutely safe! WooPlus has many authenticity checks so chances of fraud and catfishing are pretty low.

    · Location-based search is enabled on WooPlus by default, so finding local Seattle singles near you will become a whole lot easier!

    While dating in Seattle can be a bit of a challenge, in the presence of dating sites and apps like WooPlus there is still hope. WooPlus is here to take away all your dating woes- whether you are looking for a one-night fling or a long-term relationship. Once you have landed that perfect person, we hope that the Seattle date ideas we have given above will take you on the rest of your journey to an amazing date.