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    Plus Size Model Ashley Graham Promotes Body Acceptance at Forbes Event

    by Ellie

    If you are a follower of plus size women in the fashion and modelling industry, it is impossible to believe that you’ve haven’t encountered the name ‘Ashley Graham’. This is primarily due to the fact that she is one of the most gorgeous plus size models known all around the world. Aside from being a popular model, she is also among the celebrities who promotes body acceptance of women with significantly larger body figures in the industry where she is into. As a matter of fact, in a Forbes event, Ashley boldly admiringly encouraged a lot of women to join her.

    For Ashley Graham, a lean curvy beach body figures is not always everything. It is not a label of a woman’s real beauty. The 28-year-old plus size model/designer has been conquering the fashion scene with her overwhelming guts and confidence with her ‘equally-measured’ body figure. She always believed that having such a kind of body figure can be an avenue to propel a woman’s way to success. Now that she is already at the top in this industry, she wants to serve as an inspiration to millions of women around the world to learn how to accept and love the kind of body that they have.

    In the Under 30 summit spearheaded by Forbes in Philadelphia, Ashley Graham made a statement to hundreds of people and was able to encourage a lot of plus size women to learn how to love who they really are. She gave an assurance that she will always be there for them – that she is among them in dealing every single issue concerning body acceptance. She added that if all women will continue to dodge this issue and not face it as altogether, there will never be a change in their personal outlook as well as the way others look at them.

    During this event, she brought up her outrage concerning the temporary banning of the ‘#curvy’ on Instagram, which just happened recently. She expressed her sentiments admonishing social media networks for giving labels on women only because there are significant judgemental views with regards to their sizes.

    Ashley Graham admiringly made a statement amidst the debut of her newest lingerie collection for ‘Addition Elle’, a popular Canadian retailer. She was able to show off her stunning beauty and adorable plus size body during the New York Fashion Week’s historic show as she dominated the catwalk along with her co-plus size curvy models.

    With her crop top paired with perfectly fitted pencil skirt that night, she participated in the discussion and was able to freely deliver her thoughts concerning the issue. Now, she’s been a celebrity who uses her fame to spread out the genuine acceptance of body diversity in/out the fashion world.