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    What is Curvy Model? Everything You Should Know About it

    by Ellie

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    The modeling world has changed rapidly and is becoming more diverse. Today’s modeling scene has every shape, size, and color in representation. This change did not happen overnight, but the credit goes to several boundary-pushing designers, activists, and models.

    The fashion world is expanding, and we are witnessing the representation of curvy models and plus-size visibility. The question is, who is a plus-size model? So, a plus-size model is a person who is curvy in appearance and has an average to larger stature and weight, and who poses for a range of modeling gigs. There is a boost in modeling opportunities for curvy models. Subsequently, let’s find out more about plus-size models.


    1. Curvy Models Requirements

    1.1 What size is a curvy model?

    1.2 How much do plus size models weigh?

    2. Curvy Models Poses

    2.1 How should curvy models pose?

    3. Curvy Models Agencies

    3.1 What do modeling agencies look for?

    3.2 5 top curvy model agencies

    4. Curvy Models Jobs

    4.1 How much do plus size models get paid?

    5. How to become a curvy model?

    Curvy Models Requirements

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    The most obvious and important thing to know about plus-size modeling is the physical requirement; what size is counted as plus-size. Here is everything you need to know about the requirements for curvy plus-size models. Curvy plus-size models’ size and physical requirements are pretty different from other commercial models. Size varies for plus-size models from brand to brand and agency to agency.

    What size is a curvy model?

    Size 12 or up is usually considered plus-size. Dress size is more critical than a curvy model’s physical size and body measurement for plus-size modeling. Some brands put labels of plus size on size 8, or some may put sizes 12 to 14 into the plus-size category. As a rule, in the fashion industry, the models were mostly of size 6, and anyone larger than size 6 was considered plus-size. Though most women are plus size in real life, the same goes for curvy models. The industry’s perception is changing and expanding regarding what counts as plus size; now the size 12 to higher is deemed plus-size.

    The fashion industry has bent its rules about size, but other aspects like height and appearance are almost intact. Commercial modeling and plus-size modeling require a height of around 5’9 to 6. But plus-size models can be a little shorter as 5’6 to 5’9 is also acceptable. Some exceptions to the rule, such as Tess Holiday, a successful and famous curvy plus-size model, is 5’5. The requirements for plus-size models are not limited to size, measurements, or height. Other conditions to be attractive plus-size models remain the same as having unblemished and immaculate skin, healthy and nice hair, and well-groomed nails.

    How much do plus-size models weigh?

    The plus-size modeling industry is not very keen on the weight factor when models are enlisted. It is obvious to expect that curvy plus-size women are relatively heavier. But to guarantee more inclusivity of diverse plus-size shapes, sizes, proportions, heights, and other features, weight is measured. A woman who weighs 200 lbs. is considered plus-size in the US. The average weight is between 161 to 205 lbs for curvy plus-size models. But these are not some unalterable rules; there are many exceptions to what is considered an average weight for plus-size models. There are super plus-size models with larger body structures and thus weigh more than average curvy plus-size models. To further elaborate on the scale of sizes, shapes, and weight of plus-size models, let’s look at the weight of the fashion industry’s most successful models:

    Curvy Models Poses

    Sometimes curvy women find it difficult to pose for a good picture. But when we look at the magazine covers, all the women, whether curvy or not, look absolutely gorgeous. So, it is possible to look as good as the cover girls with some simple tricks and poses for all the aspiring curvy attractive plus-size models.

    How should curvy models pose?

    It is all about poses, angles, confidence, lighting, and looking at the camera lens. Follow the photographer’s direction because only the photographer can see and tell how you are looking and what is working. Here are some tips for curvy models to look their best, become attractive plus-size models and compile their portfolios.

    Avoid tension

    Body tension makes it impossible to have good poses and photoshoots. Be confident; not a single part of your body should be tense. To avoid stress before starting the photoshoot, take a deep breath. Whenever you feel nervous, and uncomfortable take a break. Being relaxed and confident is a key to a successful photo shoot.

    Arms and legs angle

    Standing straight and rigid while staring at the camera makes you look flat and unflattering. To avoid the stiff and flat pose, angle your arms and legs slightly and loosen up your fingers. This trick is helpful for full-body photoshoots.

    Three-quarter pose

    This is an excellent pose for attractive plus-size models. In this pose, the three fourth of the body is visible, as there is a slight turn of the body away from the camera. This pose, if done correctly, makes a plus-size model or any curvy women look gorgeous.

    Follow the photographer

    They know what is working for the model and what is not working. Following the photographer’s direction makes the job rather easy. Looking into the camera can work for only a few photos, but it loses its appeal soon. Follow the direction when the photographer asks you to look in a certain direction, behind the camera, or to the sides. The result will be perfect, and you will have a more authentic and candid shoot.

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    Make the poses dynamic and alive

    During the photoshoot, move slowly. To make it more dynamic and vibrant, be lively. Around every three seconds, move slowly and change things. A slight change in hand position, posture, and a little change in facial expression helps the shoot become more alive and vibrant. To excel at these subtle changes, practice, practice, practice, and keep posing.

    These tips are always great for attractive plus-size models and a perfect photoshoot. The styles and poses can do wonders for curvy plus-size models. The plus-size modeling agencies look closely at the confidence, poses, and how a model carries herself naturally. Let’s explore more about different poses that are suitable and attractive for curvy models.

    Standing poses

    Standing poses are versatile and provide a natural and easy-going flow to the photos. A curvy model can pose while standing in a few ways and be part of the indoor or outdoor photoshoot.

    Face the camera

    Although it is the most basic and standard pose for models, rather tricky to master. Looking into the camera could appear quite dull, rigid, or dead if not done with a vibrant attitude. To make the photo more dynamic and alive, you can tip your head slightly to the other side and may run your hand through your hair. Further, slightly angle your shoulder towards the camera. You can bend your leg a little or move one leg behind the other to change the straight body frame. These changes and angle changes, bending of leg and elbow dramatically change the result in a good way.


    Profile poses are all about posture, curves, and body shape. For attractive plus-size models, good profiles are significant. For a good profile, square your shoulders and shift your weight to elaborate your curve. during photoshoots, models must be aware of and comfortable with their bodies for an appealing silhouette. Hands and legs cannot be ignored, so angle your arms and hands to look attractive and confident at the same time.

    Make your arms appear thinner

    Holding your arms close against your body makes them look bigger and heavier. To avoid that, turn a little sideways and create a gap between the arm and the body by putting your hand on your hip. This basic pose makes you appear graceful and attractive.

    Stand with feet hip-width apart

    If you stand with a closed thigh gap, your thighs will appear heavy. A gap between the thighs can enhance your body shape and compliment your curves. So stand with feet hip-width apart and put more weight on your toes; it is easier to achieve if you wear heels.

    How to avoid a double chin

    A double chin can be a bummer for any woman, especially if you are a curvy, plus-size model. In photos, a double chin can appear with a wrong pose and head position. To avoid a double chin in a photoshoot, you can slightly move your head forward and place your tongue on the palate in your mouth. Besides, this tip can improve the double chin problem for plus-size models or anyone for that matter.

    Smaller waist and bigger hips

    Curves are beautiful and have never been appreciated more in the fashion industry. Curves complement curvy models’ figures and make them look stunning and attractive for curvy models. To show your curves in the right way that your waist appears smaller while your hips look bigger, move your hips toward the camera and place your hands on the waist. This basic pose will make you look confident and comfortable in your body and appealing with a thinner waist and broader hips.

    Hide fatty bulges

    It is tricky for curvy plus-size models to pose while sitting as tummy bulges are directly looking at the camera. To pose with elegance and style, you just need to sit a certain way, and you can hide the fatty bulge. When sitting, position your body to sit a bit sideways and keep your legs straight. You can practice this pose before the photoshoot and perfect it.

    Sit straight

    Sitting with a straight back is not only for curvy plus-size models but for everyone. Besides, sitting with a straight-back posture changes your whole appearance dramatically, and it is even good for the spine. Furthermore, sitting with the proper posture makes your body look great, and your legs and arms appear longer and thinner. If you want to become an attractive plus-size model, correct your sitting posture today and enjoy the wonders.

    These are some essential tips and poses for curvy, plus-size models. Perfecting poses and modeling are not as easy to work as one might think. Great hard work and practice go into studying and practicing modeling, posing, and entering and then staying in the fashion industry. With these simple tips and poses, you can start your journey of becoming a successful and attractive plus-size model. Once you excel at posing in front of a camera with comfort and confidence, you are good to go for the plus-size fashion industry. That brings us to modeling agencies and plus-size modeling agencies.

    Curvy Models Agencies

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    What do modeling agencies look for?

    Social media

    Social media has become an undeniable factor for many businesses and jobs. Modeling agencies are also relying on social media to find new talent. Since the launch of Instagram, we have seen a rise in a new category of models, “Instagram models”. If you want to be a curvy model, Instagram is the best place to post your pictures. Work hard on your poses, get new pictures, and update your social media. Besides, use trending hashtags that might garner the attention of plus-size modeling agencies. But do not forget to make your grid look attractive, vibrant, and catchy.


    Like other commercial models, plus-size modeling agencies want you to pose as naturally as possible for your photoshoot if you are a curvy model. Avoid using photo filters or editing software to alter your natural look because plus-size modeling agencies look for natural beauty.


    Professionalism and confidence are a significant demand of plus-size modeling agencies. To catch the attention of modeling agencies, work on your confidence. Before meeting a modeling agency, research well and determine what they look for in curvy models. Always keep things professional during the interview, trial, and dealing. Professional behavior makes you appear serious about your job and adds more appeal to your personality. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need to know or clarify anything. Plus-size modeling agencies are open to queries and to answer your questions.

    Natural beauty

    Curvy and plus-size models need to ensure that their natural facial features are visible in photoshoots and when meeting plus-size modeling agencies. The same goes for super plus-size models. Your natural beauty and natural facial features should be visible, whether you are a curvy, plus-size, or super plus-size model. Hence, when you are meeting the modeling agency, try to wear minimum makeup, wear your hair down, and for dressing, choose a simple solid-colored sweater, blouse, or top. Try not to go to meetings wearing a miniskirt or faded jeans.


    Punctuality is most important for any job. As a new plus-size model, it is even more vital that you come on time or a little early. Punctuality will leave a good impression on the modeling agency and the crew you are working with. In the fashion world, you are expected to be on time for your client and agency’s photoshoot or fashion show.

    Communication skills

    Communicating clearly and comfortably makes things easier for both models and clients. Plus-size modeling agencies have jobs for models of either plus-size or super plus-size models. Moreover, if you have clear communication skills and are open to listening to other people like photographers, clients, or your agent, the chances of getting more gigs and landing more jobs get high as you are making a good reputation for yourself.

    Physical health

    Plus-size modeling agencies look for models with good health, fabulous hair, and well-groomed nails. Therefore, curvy plus-size models should focus on their fitness routine, healthy nutrition, sleep habits, and grooming to land a modeling job. If you are an aspiring plus-size model, these habits will help you succeed in your modeling career.

    5 Top curvy model agencies

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    IMG Models

    IMG modeling agency has been working with models since 2013, and it is an international agency. Their offices are in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, and Sydney. Some wildly successful and famous names from the plus-size modeling world are represented by IMG, such as Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine. They have an open submission page, where all the aspiring curvy plus-size models can apply with a walking video and a portfolio.

    Wilhelmina Curve

    This is one of the biggest names of modeling agencies. Wilhelmina has been managing models since 1967. Their offices are in US cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and internationally in London. Wilhelmina curves are launching new faces for the plus-size fashion industry. Many top plus-size models are working with them, like Bree Kish, Kate Wesley, and Erica jean. Presently, more than 200 curvy models are being represented by Wilhelmina curves.


    Jag started working in 2013, and it promotes health, confidence, and individuality of all shapes and sizes. Thus, their plus-size models are encouraged to maintain weight and to be themselves unapologetically. Top plus-size models like jenny Runk, who works for H&M, and Iskra Lawrance.


    Ford models are one of the oldest modeling agencies and have been working since 1946. They also have expanded their range for hiring modeling from commercial models to curvy models and plus-size models, models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Paris have offices. This agency has represented many plus-size models.

    Next model management

    Next modeling agency is one of the most famous and biggest names among international modeling agencies. They have a curve division where they represent recruit and represent plus-size models. Like other big modeling agencies, their offices are in several fashion cities, like New York, Paris, and Milan. Right now, they are representing more than 30 curvy models, that includes Ava Harirri-Kia, who was featured in Vogue, and Abbey Ries.

    Curvy Models Jobs

    The plus-size fashion industry is thriving, thus, there is an abundance of jobs for curvy, plus-size models in advertising campaigns, commercials, runway shows, magazines, and TV. As a curvy plus-size model, you can sign up with a modeling agency and start working. Some major plus-size modeling agencies, what they look for, and how to apply are already discussed. But the number is growing of models launching their careers without agents and through their social media. To start working without an agent, build your charming portfolio. Then, follow plus-size models on social media and join the Facebook groups that offer modeling jobs. And follow the hashtag trend and keep your social media pages updated. Manage a photoshoot from a professional photographer. There is a freelance modeling site Model Mayhem, and you may land a modeling gig.

    Salary for plus-size models varies. In the United States, plus-size models make a salary ranging from $10,060 to $181,237. The average salary for a plus-size model is around $32000.Modeling is becoming a freelance gig, so estimating the earnings depends on the number of clients and how many gigs do you land, and with what frequency.

    How to become a curvy model?

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    The plus-size modeling world is expanding, and with that, it is also getting competitive. If you want to be a curvy or plus-size model, follow the things that have been discussed in this article.

    1. First and foremost, focus on personal grooming, skills, and habits. Take good care of your health, hair, skin, and nails. Then, practice the poses that work for you and make you look attractive, stylish, and charming. Apart from modeling skills and poses, try to develop habits of professionalism, punctuality, clear communication skills, confidence, and resilience.

    2. Find a good professional photographer for a photo shoot. Thus, start working on your professional modeling portfolio. Your photoshoot should make you look natural, confident, and comfortable. And try to wear minimum makeup. Make sure you have your photos in profiles, full-body, and from different angles. Additionally, have videos of yourself walking and posing as well.

    3. Social media presence is inevitable if you want to be a plus-size model. Keep yourself updated and make your Instagram grid look professional and charismatic. Follow the trends and hashtags on Instagram, then you can get more information about modeling gigs.

    4. Apply for plus-size modeling agencies. Firstly, keep your portfolio ready and look for modeling agencies. Then, study their plus-size modeling requirements; And last, adjust and update your portfolio according to that and start applying for modeling agencies.

    Stay true to yourself, let yourself shine, and believe in hard work and originality.