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    Who Will Be the Next Victoria’s Secret Plus-size Model?

    by Ellie

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    Luxury brand Victoria’s Secret recently found itself in the center of a controversy when a section of plus-size women demanded equally access to its line of lingerie, claiming that the brand’s policy of not catering to women with big bodies was ‘discriminatory’. Though Victoria’s Secret was quick to respond to criticism by launching the ‘Perfect Body Campaign’, there has been no assurance whether it will start catering to plus-size clientele anytime soon. The idea of the premium lingerie brand embracing the notion that even curves can be beautiful, however, is so exciting that we couldn’t help drawing up a list of voluptuous models best suited to promote Victoria’s Secret plus-size lingerie. 

    Denise Bidot

    She is by far the most recognizable personalities in the plus-size fashion industry and boasts of having walked down the ramp for the most prestigious brands, including the likes of Levi’s, Lane Bryant, Forever 21 and Nordstorm, besides being the brand ambassador for Zizzi clothing. Over the years, Denise Bidot has also emerged as a strong voice championing for the cause of plus-size women, propagating the idea of self-love for curvy women. She has been widely recognized worldwide for her role in bringing about a groundbreaking movement in the fashion industry that has made the idea of fashion for big women(Click here to view more information  about big women) plausible. If Victoria’s Secret decides to lend a pair of wings to curvy women, Denise Bidot is the angel who should be seen donning them.

    Ashley Graham

    She is not only a model par excellence who wears her plus-size as a badge of honor but also an activist rallying to promote the idea of a healthy body, free from limitations of size, as the true sign of beauty. She entered the fashion industry as a model at the young age of 12 and over the years earned a high-profile clientele that includes Bloomingdale’s, Hanes, Target, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nordstorm and Elomi Lingerie. She shot to fame after a controversial ad for Lane Byrant in 2010 that went viral on the internet. She is bold, beautiful and confident, making her an ideal choice for becoming the face of Victoria’s Secret plus-size lingerie.

    Joby Bach

    Canadian model Joby Bach is another ramp beauty who has the confidence to love her curves and flaunt them too. When she entered the modeling world at the young age of 14, she was chosen for the regular size category. However, instead of agonizing herself with crude diets to maintain a body shape expected of a model she decided to graduate to the plus-size category. This voluptuous model with a refined waistline and predominant breasts and hips has what it takes to carry off something as luxurious as Victoria’s Secret with elegance.

    Tess Holliday

    This list would be incomplete without the queen of plus-size modeling world on it. As a general rule, plus-size models tend to be anywhere between size 10 and 16. Tess Holliday was the first plus-size model to break out of that mould and make it big in the fashion industry despite being a size 24. Her modeling career started with names like Jessica Louise Clothing, Domino Dollhouse and Orchard Corset, but the real breakthrough in her career came when she was signed by MiLK Management earlier this year, making her the first obese woman to achieve such unprecedented success in the fashion world. She has since been on the cover of LA Weekly and People Magazine. If Victoria’s Secret plans to reach out to plus-size women in the true sense, Tess Holliday is their girl.