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    WooPlus Love | “We are getting married next year!” – Laura & Jesse

    by Ellie

    Love Story_WooPlus
    Love Story_WooPlus

    “Jesse was never really the type of guy I would go for but I thought I would just give it a go and talk to him. ” Says Laura. “At first I had more of a friendly approach but with time he slowly started to grow on me and I started falling in love with him! The fact people only looking for curvy women on this site, makes it a whole lot easier to talk to people and be more free. “


    “Our first date was really out of the ordinary! At the time he was living in the Netherlands and I was living in Nottingham, England. So we decided to meet in Tenerife and spend 3 days there to get to know each other more. When I’ve landed at the airport he was already waiting for me there…We went to the hotel then had a lovely dinner. We had a really nice time together and we couldn’t wait to see each other again! “


    Laura and Jesse are now engaged and planning to get married next year!! 🎉 💘


    THANK YOU for letting WooPlus be part of your love journey!