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    5 Best Plus Size Dating Apps/Sites in 2024 Don’t Miss Out On

    by Ellie

    “Are you looking for the best plus size dating apps/sites? “. Come on! Just dip your toe into a BBW dating pool.

    Why You Should Date A Plus-Size Girl?

    Although most men prefer to date voluptuous women, there are still those guys who defy the conventional construct of beauty to date BBW. Plus-size ladies have unique traits that can attract the opposite gender effortlessly, and any man who has ever dated a curvy girl will vouch for this. Let us view the benefits of dating a plus-size girl.

    • Cute and Appealing: People are drawn to plus-size women because of their attractive appearance. Especially, with special cute dresses, they walk the streets just like exquisite dolls.
    • Kind and Good Tender: If women are thought of as the most emotional people in the world, plus-size women can be the kindest among women. They frequently demonstrate their affection for the elderly and animals, and they are always the most caring mothers to their children.
    • Sociable: Most plus-size women are charming and sociable personalities. They are skilled at establishing friends and openly expressing themselves to others. As a result, dating a plus-size lady will make you happier.

    Tips for Dating a Plus-Size Girl

    A good date might start with a stimulating conversation. You must learn how to start a nice conversation with a plus-size girl if you want to date her.

    Here are a handful of tips you need to know:

    • Focus on what attracted you to a plus-size woman, and be sure to compliment those traits regularly.
    • Ask her what she likes to do, find those common interests, and do them together.
    • Do let her know you think she is beautiful. Emphasize how beautiful she is just the way she is and how it affects you.
    • Avoid making insensitive comments or jokes about her size. Instead, respect and praise her.
    • Focus on her personality, interests, and values, rather than just her appearance.
    • Be mindful of physical limitations or needs that may come with her body type.
    • Don’t assume she’s insecure about her body or needs reassurance constantly.
    • Ask for her input on activities or date ideas that would make her feel comfortable and confident.
    • Be open to trying new things and exploring different types of intimacy.
    • Don’t fetishize her body or treat her differently because of her size.
    • Communicate openly and honestly about your feelings and expectations.
    • Remember that every person is unique and avoid making generalizations based on body type.

    Are there any Dating Apps or Sites for the Plus-size?

    Yes! Plus-sized dating apps/sites focused on BBW (BHM) dating are emerging in an endless stream nowadays, which offers more platforms for them to chase love.

    What we cannot deny is that “plus-size dating” is a small branch extended from the development of online dating. The earliest online dating platform was Match, founded in 1995. Subsequently, as the thought of plus-size women chasing love improved, someone realized that a special dating platform should be created for plus-size girls. Thus, a platform dedicated to BBW came into being in 2000—BBWcupid, whose website monthly search volume has reached 70K so far; In 2002, Largefriends followed closely with 60k website visits per month, and about 15k users active every week.

    If BBWcupid and Largefriends are the pioneers in the BBW dating field, then, WooPlus, established in 2015, is a promoter. Unbelievably, in a short time, the number of app downloads in Google Play of WooPlus far exceeds that of BBWcupid and Largefriends. Nowadays, still, some niche apps for plus-size dating gradually emerged.

    Now, Let’s Review 5 Best Plus Size Dating Apps/Sites


    WooPlus is one of the top plus-size dating apps

    WooPlus is one of the top plus-size dating apps/sites for curvy people looking to date and find love, and it’s also known as the “OG” of the BBW dating app market.  It has been featured on 50+ major media such as BBC, Yahoo, Mirror, People, and the like. WooPlus claims itself as a community that promotes lifestyle choices for curvy people to feel attractive, confident, and loved for who they are.

    As a user, you can view active profiles daily for BBW or BHM who may be interested in you. With a simple “Hi” feature in the WooPlus dating app, you can send a message to someone you like. Appealingly, a selfie video is available, and a community of friendly moments allows you to directly interact with people in whom you are interested. Compared to other dating apps; to a certain extent; WooPlus is the best free dating app that provides you with more features.

    Is WooPlus a hookup app?

    Even though WooPlus dating is well-known around the world, some people are still unsure. Just put an end to this worry! According to an official WooPlus user investigation, almost 88 percent of users like finding love in the WooPlus app, and they feel safe and truthful in WooPlus dating.

    WooPlus Google Play Review:

    WooPlus app review-dating app for BBW

    Google Play Downloads: More than 1M 

    Review: 4.3

    Aims: WooPlus is an inclusive and friendly online dating app for curvy people to find and enjoy love.


    – No space for body-shaming

    – Can see who likes you

    – Specific to BBW and lots of active users

    – Auto-scam-checking system to build a friendly community


    – Gender and age cannot be changed once set

    – No offline dating events


    dating app for BBW-BBWcupid app

    BBWCupid is a leading BBW dating site for plus-size singles interested in serious dating. It claims to be popular in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and many other countries. The BBWCupid site connects big, good-looking females to men who admire beautiful big women and want a serious affair. Though it is a dating app for plus-size ladies, it is possible to meet average-bodied people interested in communicating with BBW or BHM.

    Having worked to its strength from 2005, BBWcupid offers an auto-translate feature for people who speak different languages. Free service allows you to send messages to premium members and view people who are interested in you.

    BBWcupid Google Play Review:

    BBWcupid app review-free dating app for BBW

    Google Play Downloads: More than 100K

    Review: 3.4

    Aims: BBWCupid is a leading BBW dating app for plus-size singles interested in serious dating.


    – Aimed specifically at curvy women of all age

    – Lot of unique features

    – Wealth of member profile details


    – Smaller member base compared to other BBW sites

    – Need to subscribe to send messages

    Further reading: WooPlus vs BBWCupid: Which is Better for BBW?

    Large friends

    LargeFriends is another dating app, aimed specifically at plus-size singles.

    LargeFriends is another dating app, aimed specifically at plus-size singles. With around 15,000 active weekly users, although LargeFriends isn’t the biggest dating app for BBW around, it is a great community to meet curvy singles, and everyone who uses the app is friendly and non-judgemental.

    Large friends is also a generous dating app that offers a free version to search on different profiles before committing to paying any fee. You can also add people to a list of likes. To start a chat, you need to upgrade to a premium account.

    Largefriends Google Play Review:

    LargeFriends app review-dating app for BBW

    Google Play Downloads: 50K

    Review: 3.8

    Aims: LargeFriends dating app is perfect for all those who want to meet plus-size singles.


    – Reliable security measures

    – Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free


    – Only paid members can message first

    – Free members can only respond through email


    Match is the second-largest dating app worldwide

    Match is the second-largest dating app worldwide, which is so confident that it will help you find the plus-size woman or man of your dreams that it even provides you with worth-free if you yield no success within a period. It is also commonly thought of as a premium dating app used by millions of people around the world who are looking for a serious relationship and love.

    Match does not charge you a penny to sign up, so you can delve into the world of online dating for free. You can create a profile, upload photos of yourself, and browse potential interest singles – all at no charge. You can also send “Winks” to someone you like, which is a special online dating flirt.

    Match Google Play Review:

    Match review-free plus size dating apps

    Google Play Downloads: More than 10M

    Review: 3.3

    Aims: create romantic opportunities for singles, so singles are more likely to find someone special (not exclusive to BBW)


    – Free Trial Available

    – Second biggest dating app in the world


    – More expensive than other apps

    – May arise comparison and competition


    dating app for BBW-eHarmony is a premium dating app

    eHarmony is a premium dating app that will be a great hit with singles looking for long-term partnerships and possibly marriage. This could be the app for you if you’re looking for love. It isn’t, however, targeted at BBW. You’ll need patience to find a plus-size partner.

    Once your profile is ready, you can send winks to other users, but you need to upgrade to a premium account to send messages. If you’re not an expert at writing opening messages, eHarmony will let you ask a series of automated questions about a potential match. You can then reveal your whole profile if you both like each other’s answers.

    eHarmony Google Play Review:

    eHarmony app review-free plus size dating app

    Google Play Downloads: More than 5M

    Review: 3.1

    Aims: eHarmony helps singles find their real love and new relationships (not exclusive to BBW)


    – high-quality singles to pick up

    -Ability to express creativity and share personal interests

    – 51% men to 49% women (fairly equal balance)


    – More expensive than some other online dating

    -May lead to cyberbullying and online harassment

    Which is the Best Plus-size Dating App?

    WooPlus is featured as the best online BBW dating app, and it’s worth a try due to the growing user base. In Google Play, the WooPlus app scores 4.3, with a five-star rating of 90%, which is the highest rating among all BBW dating. Even compared with dating giants such as Tinder and Bumble, the user experience rating is also the highest.

    Besides, WooPlus integrated AI to allow users to quickly respond to messages, the use of ChatGPT leads to a 200% increase in match interaction and helps users to break the ice more effectively. WooPlus is selected by 3rd party website as the best AI dating app of 2023.

    According to Google Play’s dating app download data, WooPlus owns the largest number of downloads, with nearly 7M users, and 500k users are active in WooPlus weekly.

    Notably, when you look for the best dating app for BBW, you have to consider these necessary points.

    • Plus Size Dating App Privacy Concerns: These plus size dating apps/sites will not leak your privacy. This explanation must be written in detail in their Terms.
    • Plus Size Dating Apps/Sites Free: The best plus size dating apps/sites should offer users an opportunity to experience features free. For example, WooPlus has the function of SayHi for sending messages free to people you like.
    • Funny Online Dating App Features: As the best plus-size dating app, users can enjoy many fun features. More tricks increase the interaction rate among people.
    • Dating App Scam: You are supposed to be treated seriously. The auto-scam-checking system should always run to protect you in the best dating app.


    1. Are these plus-size dating apps safe?

    Yes. These apps are secure, and they employ an auto-scam-checking mechanism that scans all newly enrolled users for fake accounts. An in-app video verification ensures authenticity, and WooPlus always runs this system to protect its users.

    2. Afraid of being harassed for a plus-sized body?

    These apps both have a zero-tolerance policy for rude and disrespectful behaviors. If you feel offended by someone, please report them to the app’s customer service reps as soon as possible.

    3. Are these the best plus-size dating apps for a serious relationship?

    These apps both aim to help users find their true love. As stated in the statement in the WooPlus dating app: People who want to look for a one-night FWB, casual encounters, or threesome affairs, WooPlus may not be for you. You can also read love stories and feedback from some users.

    Bottom Line

    You are assumed to have a thorough understanding of what a plus-size dating app is and what the best dating app for BBW is. If you are attracted by a plus-size girl, then WooPlus, BBWcupid, and Largefriends are good choices. It is worth mentioning that, you can unlock many interesting features without charge in WooPlus dating. Match and eHarmony are larger platforms for dating, you will find your love once you dip your toe into these pools.